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Adorable pup escapes death and gets wonky legs pinned in a bid to help her walk

An adorable puppy has escaped death and had her wonky legs pinned in a bid to help her walk.

Wanda after her operation

Wanda after her operation


Cocker Spaniel Wanda was born with such badly deformed front legs that vets thought the bone damage was irreparable and advised she should be put down.

Despite having problematic paws the four month old pooch was taken in by volunteers, Kerri Eilertsen-Feeney and Eileen Mellis, founders of Cinque Ports Rescue in Deal, Kent, who refused to give up on her.

Just one week later the playful pup underwent surgery where a specialist orthopaedic vet rotated the ulna bones by 180 degrees and fixed them into place with pins.

Even though it’s still unclear whether Wanda will ever be able to walk normally she continues to exceed all expectations and has already seen a huge improvement.

Kerri, a midwifery matron said: “When Wanda was handed to us by her breeder we instantly all fell in love with her.

Wanda struggling to walk before her legs were pinned

Wanda struggling to walk before her legs were pinned


“Her wonky legs make her even more adorable, she doesn’t know any different and loves to be outside playing in the long grass just like any other dog.

“She’s an energetic puppy so she’s always trying to bound around but it’s so difficult for her.

“Wanda relies heavily on her back legs and often her front legs end up splayed out behind her, it’s like she’s double jointed.

“It was clear from the start though that she has such a fighting spirit, she isn’t prepared to give in and neither are we.

“After taking Wanda to see a specialist orthopaedic vet we were told that her chances of leading a normal life were so remote that his advice was to put her to sleep.

“He told us he had only seen one case like Wanda in 20 years but was prepared to offer us the chance of an operation but there were no guarantees.

Eileen and Kerri with Wanda from Cinque Ports Rescue in Deal, Kent

Eileen and Kerri with Wanda from Cinque Ports Rescue in Deal, Kent


“We put out an appeal right away for donations as time is of the essence for Wanda as the older she gets the harder it will be for her bones to repair.

“Within a week the surgeon was able to operate to rotate the ulna 180 degrees to the normal position and fix it in place with pins to immobilise her leg.

“This was the only option for her to ever walk on her paws and thankfully it seems to already be paying off.

“We can see a huge difference already, her tail just won’t stop wagging.”

Since the operation three weeks ago, Wanda has been on strict crate rest to enable her to recover as well as possible.

Wanda will now need intense hydrotherapy and physiotherapy and may need her legs pinning again.

Scan showing bent right leg

Scan showing bent right leg


Scan showing right leg pinned

Scan showing right leg pinned


Kerri said: “The operation has already made a huge difference to Wanda’s life.

“Wanda sailed through the surgery and has been an absolute star during her continued recovery.

“She’s been kept on strict crate rest for weeks which hasn’t been easy for such a young puppy with a zest for life.

“But one of our supporters provided a baby play gym that she adores and that keeps her entertained before she settles in her crate with a stuffed giraffe for comfort every night.

“Our hopes are that she is able to walk in the future even if it will always be a little wonky.

“As long as Wanda is willing we will continue to help and support her, hopefully in the next few months when she is fully rehabilitated we will be able to find her a loving home.”


Wanda is now looking for a new home

Wanda is now looking for a new home

Cinque Ports Rescue relies on donations from the public to help all the animals they take in.

Wanda’s treatments and care alone will cost in excess of £2,000 before she is rehomed.

Kerri adds: “We can’t thank all the kind-hearted strangers who donate, without them we wouldn’t be able to help and rehome all these precious animals.”

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