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Adorable toddler falls to sleep but won’t let go of his ice-cream

This adorable toddler is having a hard time deciding which is more important – ice cream or sleep?

Little William Farhoud, 2, visited a supermarket with his parents in Tenerife, Spain, after a long day at the beach but could barely keep his eyes open to finish his treat.

Dad, Alex Farhoud, said: “While we were paying at the cashier William wanted the ice cream we bought, so we gave it to him.

“We were putting the groceries in the bags and the cashier started laughing and pointing at our son and we turned around and we saw him falling asleep on the ice cream.

“I reached out to him and tried to grab the ice cream from him so he wouldn’t drop it on him but he refused to let go and wouldn’t give up his ice cream.

This has become a common occurrence for William who has been seen nodding off whilst eating pasta at home.

Alex said: “We felt sorry for him but it was so funny and the way he was trying to sleep but don’t want to give up his ice cream was hilarious.

“People in the grocery store started gathering around and laughing, everybody just said how cute he was.

“Both friends and family thought it is one of the most hilarious videos they have ever seen and we should go viral with this immediately.

“People say that they watch it over and over again and can’t stop laughing about it.”

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