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Adorable tot is dedicated to ensuring disabled twin sister’s happiness

A toddler with cerebral palsy whose legs ‘don’t work properly’ is being guided through childhood by her healthy twin brother.

Millie and helpful brother Evan

Millie and helpful brother Evan


Little Millie Bea Hughes, 2, from Rugeley,Staffs, has to rely on a walking frame or an adult holding her up to get around.

Though Millie’s illness means she can’t properly play with brother Evan Ray, he’s proved to be a dedicated companion – whether it’s comforting her with her toy bunny when she’s upset, sharing toys or fetching her shoes.

Natalie, 34, said: “Millie is such a character and is desperate to be able to get up and play with Evan.

“When you have twins you always imagine them to have a loving relationship and run off holding hands which you see with other people’s twins – it’s really sad that they can’t do that.”

Despite not being unable to run around together the pair share an incredibly close bond and little Evan, who’s 13 minutes younger than Millie, always looks out for his sister.

Evan helping Millie to walk

Evan helping Millie to walk


Natalie, a detective constable with West Midlands Police, said: “They love each other very much and he’ll ask ‘are you ok Millie?’ and try and help her up.

“He fetches shoes and toys for her and always makes sure if he has a drink or biscuit she gets one too.

“When we go to the park he makes sure she has a good time and pushes her on the swing which is lovely to see.”

Millie’s parents, Natalie and power station engineer Chris Hughes, 34, are now trying to raise £40,000 so that the adorable tot can have a non NHS-funded op called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR).

The procedure involves cutting nerves in the lower spine that are responsible for muscle rigidity in a bid to improve mobility which would mean she may be able to walk, and run around playing with Evan.

Millie and Evan with Natalie and Chris

Millie and Evan with Natalie and Chris


The GoFundMe page, written as though Millie is talking, reads: “SDR means having an operation to make my legs work properly and stop being stiff and tight.

“The doctors will open my back and find the rootlets in my spine which make my legs tight.

“They will split them up and this will make my legs feel better and help me to walk.

I will need to do lots of physiotherapy after which will be hard but I just can’t wait to be able to walk like my brother!”

Natalie said: “It would mean the world if she could have this operation.

“Even at this age she knows she’s dependent on us – if Evan goes off she wants to follow she announces ‘me walk’ and I hold her to follow after him.

“It would just be brilliant have them be able to play together.”

Millie and Evan have been inseparable since they were born

Millie and Evan have been inseparable since they were born


Natalie, whose jeans are threadbare from shuffling around on her knees with Millie, usually attends fortnightly therapy sessions with her daughter while Evan goes to dance classes.

Because of the spring half-term break Millie was able to take part.

Natalie said: “It was heart-breaking as Millie was copying the dance teacher and doing all the arm movements perfectly but was unable to move her legs while I held her up by her hip.

“To be able to go to dance classes and take part properly would be amazing.”

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