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Anorexic mum who weighed under three stone speaks out after defying illness after birth of second child

An anorexia survivor who once weighed just under three stone is celebrating after giving birth to her second child and completing the family she never thought she’d have.

Emma O’Neil, 28, was branded ‘Britain’s Best Anorexic’ by her doctor after she reached a tiny two stone 12lbs at her lowest weight.


She was living off a diet of Shreddies and would starve herself up to ten days at a time in a desperate bid to lose weight.

Even though she eventually beat the condition, she was told that the damage she had done to her body meant she would never be able to carry children.

But now, she’s celebrating the arrival of four week old Jenson, along with daughter India-Rose, two, at her home in Glasgow, Scotland, with fiance Jonathan, 41.

The mother-of-two is now opening up about how she overcame the illness, now weighing a healthy eight-stone.


Emma said: “One of the things that pulled me out of being anorexic was when I was told I unlikely to ever have children.

“I had just met my fiancé, Jonathan, 41, and I knew that we wanted to have children and I refused to let my illness stop us from having a future.

“But despite that, being pregnant did make me very self-conscious – because suddenly my body was going from absolutely tiny to bloated and large.

“Jonathan gave me a healthy approach to food again, going on date nights and having him cook me big meals made me feel safe eating again.

“With how hormonal I was, and it’s such a vulnerable time, but having my children was the most amazing experience of my whole life.

“Now I want to help people realise how there is a way out of anorexia and you can turn your life around to normality.”

When she was just 14, Emma was branded the ‘best anorexic’ by multiple doctors and was hospitalised weighing under three stone. She struggled to lie on a hospital bed because her protrouding ribs bruised her skin.


She said: “I didn’t realise how ill I was and the effect it would have on my future at the time because I was so young.

“I was skin and bones – even lying on the hospital bed would cause me to be covered in bruises because I was so frail.

“As soon as I realised I was ruining my chances of having children something switched in my mind and I started the long journey to recovery.

“But then even during my first pregnancy, with India-Rose, now two, when I weighed seven stone, my recovery was tested.

“I had very bad morning sickness up until I was 36 weeks, which just played havoc with my mind set because I wanted to bring food back up.

“But I knew that the safety of my baby was paramount, so I battled through again and that feeling of seeing my new-born baby made it all worth it.”


Despite using sheer determination and the love and support of her family to help her overcome her illness, Emma also thanks Cannabis oil for helping her through.

Emma now owns her own business, Hashtag Organics, which supplies a CBD range for women which she claims will help women in a similar position to her.

She said: “I genuinely believe it was the CBD oil that helped me to fall pregnant with my son, because it relaxed me and made me leave my sadness behind.

“After having India-Rose, I suffered with terrible postnatal depression and the CBD oil helped get rid of that and allowed me to see postpartum as a positive thing.

“I had such a sense of self-hatred that I feel as though I would have slipped back into the anorexic mind-set if it wasn’t for the oil, especially as the oil helped my uterus return to pre-baby size.

“I put a drop under my tongue every morning and night, and I took it before I fell pregnant with Jenson and I am back on it now I have given birth to him.”

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