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Arachnophobic student ordered KFC takeaway so delivery driver could remove spider while she was home alone

Pic by Demi Sweeney/Caters News 

A student who’s terrified of spiders spent £13 on a KFC takeaway – just so the delivery driver could remove the eight-legged bug from her corridor.

Demi Sweeney, 22, claims she has always had a phobia of spiders but it rapidly started to excel when she moved into her shared student house last summer.

Whilst home alone, Demi woke up to see a spider, with a body the size of a two pence coin, lurking in her corridor.

Pic by Demi Sweeney/Caters News

After calling all of her friends in the area, Demi decided to take matters into her own hands and messaged Deliveroo on social media, asking if drivers delivered a spider-removal service.

Upon response, the criminology student rapidly ordered a KFC takeaway meal and asked the equally nervous delivery driver to remove the spider on arrival.

Demi, from Walsall, West Mids, said: “I live in a student house in Bournemouth and all of my housemates were away.

“I woke up around 10am and as I left my bedroom I noticed a huge spider in the corner of the corridor near the stairs and I began to panic.

“I rang friends in the area but no one could come, I googled how to get rid of it but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, and then a friend suggested ordering food and getting the driver to remove it.

“I was hungry and thirsty at this point because I couldn’t go downstairs to get any food because the spider was blocking my exit!

“I spoke to Deliveroo customer service and then made my order, and in the delivery notes asked if they could remove the spider for me.

“Ironically, when the driver arrived he told me that he was scared of spiders too but after enough begging he got rid of it.”

In order for someone to remove the spider from her house, Demi had to order a fillet burger meal with popcorn chicken, a Pepsi and a cookie.

Pic by Demi Sweeney/Caters News

However she was surprised to find out that her delivery driver was scared of spiders himself, despite seeing her special request in the ‘delivery notes’ section of her order.

She said: “I ordered a fillet burger meal with popcorn chicken and Pepsi, but it didn’t make the £10 delivery charge and that’s the whole point I was ordering – so I added on a cookie and it came to £13.

“As soon as I heard the knock at the door I ran downstairs with a roll of toilet paper in my hand and asked the driver if he’d seen my note.

“He laughed and said, ‘I have but I’m also scared of spiders’ so I just begged and said ‘please, please you have to help me – I’ve only ordered food for your help!’ and he said he’d give it a go.

“I showed him where it was, handed him the tissue roll and got him a chair, but when he reached for the spider he accidentally dropped it, which made me panic more.

“He told me to look away and then got rid of it – I thanked him around 50 times, he was a real life hero!”

Despite Demi claiming she has always been scared of spiders, she admits that it her fear turned into a phobia when she moved into her shared University house.

She said: “Last summer my phobia got so bad that I barely slept because I thought that spiders were in my room at all times.

“But this spider was exceptionally bad – its body alone was the size of a two pence coin and it was blocking the stairs.

“I was scared that because of where it was it might drop on me, but luckily when I heard the knock on the door I forced myself to ring downstairs because I knew that’s where help was.

“But despite my clear fear of spiders, my friends were still so shocked that I actually ordered food as my only resort to get rid of a spider in the house.

“They keep asking me whether I’m going to order food each time I see a spider, but I think that might get a bit expensive!”

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