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Arachnophobic teen left with gory 2cm-deep bite on leg from spider she failed to catch in bedroom

An arachnophobic teen bitten by a spider in her bedroom claims the 2cm-deep wound was so vile it left her feeling ‘sick’ – despite studying gory make-up SFX at college.

Courtney Thompson discovered one of the creepy crawlies in her Crawley, Sussex, home a week before the bite appeared and called her mum in fear, however the eight-legged terror got away.

Threeweeks later, the tiny bite had developed into a deep wound so the 19-year-old visited doctors [on Monday, Sept 18] who advised her to rush to A&E where it was confirmed it was a spider bite.

Stomach-churning footage shows Courtney getting the dressing taken off the bite on Wednesday and huge amounts of pus oozing from the deep, infected wound.

Courtney said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock really, and I think I still am.

“I never knew that we had spiders in the UK that could leave a bite that bad and potentially poison me.

“The hole was making me feel a bit sick but when I went back to have the first dressing taken off it made me really squirm.

“The wound is about two centimeters deep and the size of a 50 pence piece.

“I create all these gory looks while practicing my SFX make up and they don’t bother me but this was different.

“At least I have some more inspiration for my SFX now.

“It really made me feel sick. It doesn’t hurt, but it was painful when they were clearing all the rubbish out of it.

“I’ve got a high pain threshold and I even had double hip surgery when I was younger and I think this is worse than that.

“I don’t know where the spider came from.

“All I can think is that there was a spider in my room a week or so before the mark appeared.

“I called my mum and asked her to move it as I’m petrified of them but it had disappeared before she got to it.

“I haven’t been abroad so it was definitely a spider in the UK that has done this.”

The care assistant has been back to the hospital three times to have the bite cleaned and all the puss removed from it. She is also on antibiotics to help fight the infection.

Her family have been searching the house to make sure that the spider isn’t still lurking in there.

Courtney said: “I had a red lump on the bottom of my leg and I thought it was nothing.

“After a couple of weeks, it started to sink in a bit and as I am a type one diabetic I knew I needed to go and get it looked at.

“I was sent straight to A&E from the doctors and I was told by three nurses and a doctor that I had been bitten by a spider and it was infected.

“My first dressing was a plaster that pulled all of the poison and pus out of the wound.

“When they pulled that dressing of it was disgusting.

“They then had to try and pull all the pus out of it, which was very uncomfortable.

“They gave me another dressing and then I went back four days later and had the wound cleaned and redressed again.

“Hopefully if I look after it and get it checked regularly it will heal and just leave a small scar.

“I’m even more petrified of spiders now. I hope if it was the one I saw in my bedroom it has moved on.”

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