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Attractive couple transform into real life prince and princess to fund their wedding

An attractive couple are paying for their £5k wedding by dressing up as a real life prince and princess.

Louisa and Peter dressed up as a prince and princess to raise funds for their wedding

Louisa and Peter dressed up as a prince and princess to raise funds for their wedding


Louisa Lanza, 22, from West Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, fairy-tale romance with fiancé, Peter Sackett, first began three-years ago when the couple met on a train platform.

Within two-years the couple got engaged at the same place they first laid eyes upon one another – just like the plot of a film.

Now to fundraise for their dream wedding the pair have decided to use their passion for musical performance and Disney by dressing up as a real life prince and princess.

The couple are now performing at children’s parties and events in the hope of raising the £5k total they need to get married in 2017.

Louisa, a musical theatre student, said: “I’ve always loved Disney and have relished the chance to play a princess at any opportunity from pantomimes to now even doing it for my business.

“Some people have thought it’s a bit of an odd way to pay for our wedding but we think it’s great fun and find it really rewarding.

“I’ve never seen a child smile so much as when we’re performing for them, to them we are the real characters they admire and they just love every moment.

Louisa and Peter in their normal clothes

Louisa and Peter in their normal clothes


“Quite often they’re all in awe because they can’t believe they’re meeting their favourite princesses and princes

“Every young girl dreams of being a princess when she gets older and so for me I can make my dreams come true.

“When we’re not being paid to perform we often do charity events to raise money for causes and it feels great helping children to embrace their magical moments with us.

“Plus being able to perform with Peter is awesome, we’re always joking about it and really enjoy being a fairy-tale couple together.

“Our relationship has been a bit of a fairy-tale romance in the past, we met at a train station and it just went from there.

“When Peter proposed to me it was in the exact same spot that we meet years earlier.

“Now we just can’t wait to tie the knot and of course continue being a real life prince and princess.”

Louisa set up the company A Touch of Magical Sparkle, which provides prince and princess parties for children last year.

The couple have more than twelve costumes now, with their most expensive costume costing them more than £1,500 – despite this they maintain paying the price is worth it.

Louisa loves dressing up as a princess

Louisa loves dressing up as a princess


Louisa said: “It’s been quite costly at times even some the wigs can cost hundreds of pounds, which seems a lot but we want to be as realistic as possible so the magic isn’t ruined for the children.

“Some of the kids get so overexcited sometimes that they’ve tried to pull my wig off, fortunately it’s held in tight though and we’ve luckily not had any disasters to date.

“I think of all the characters I dress up as I prefer playing the more tomboyish princesses as they have better songs to perform and are more similar to me.

“When we play the ice-sisters my friend plays the more feminine princess with the upbeat songs and I get to do the moody one with lots of emotions so I always get to have a lot of fun.

“Our business A Touch of Magical Sparkle really took off on Facebook and now we have a website too, we’re really overwhelmed by how lucky we’ve been so far.”

The couple takes on around ten bookings a month, charging between £55-150 for their performances and can’t wait to raise enough for their wedding.

Louisa added: “While I like doing parties with lots of children I think I prefer the more intimate ones as you get to focus all of your attention on fewer children and really make their day special.

Louisa and Peter can't wait to get married

Louisa and Peter can’t wait to get married

“Since I was young I’ve always been into Disney and so have even created my own fact booklet now so that every question any child could ever ask has been answered.

“Quite a few times we’ve had kids asking us to freeze them, which is a fun one to try to get around.

“I think Peter quite enjoys it too as he’s a musician himself so he’s always doing musicals – he secretly enjoys it and for me it’s really fun being able to work with him.

“We currently get to do around 10 performances a month while I’m studying at a performance school but I can’t wait to go full-time this summer and be a princess forever.

“I love performing as a princess and if it means we can get married from doing it we’ll have to plan a special themed wedding.”

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