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Autistic boy obsessed with lifts has dream come true thanks to doting mum and selfless strangers sending him video clips

A doting mum has made her autistic son’s Christmases all come at once after asking strangers to send clips of themselves on the most famous lifts around the world.

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Issac Gywnne, nine, was diagnosed with severe autism as a toddler and has found great comfort in his passion for lifts since he was a baby.

Issac’s condition has left him unable to communicate but enjoys nothing more than spending his days visiting buildings with lifts in his local area of Hambleton, Scotland, with his mum, Miriam and twin sister, Naomi.

Mum Miriam first thought of the idea to ask strangers to video themselves on lifts last month and her request has since gone viral.

The mum of two never imagined her boy’s passion would lead to over 500 responses from all across the world in just two weeks

Issac has been over the moon by the amount of clips he has been able to watch of people using lifts and hasn’t stop smiling since his mum’s campaign started on November 14.

Pic by Caters News

Miriam, who Issac’s full-time carer, said: “Although he gets very excited lifts almost have a calming effect on him, his little face lights up, he flaps his arms and he makes a happy sound.

“We will spend most of our days visiting different buildings in our local area with lifts and he uses Google Maps to locate new ones.

“He enjoys going up and down in the lift and we spend hours doing this until he’s had enough,  his favourite place to visit is our local supermarket.

“He also enjoys watching videos of lifts on YouTube so if we can’t get out of the house or if the shops are shut, he does that instead.

“I sent up the Facebook page asking for strangers to send lift videos because I knew there is nothing more he would want for Christmas, when we go to toy shop his sister wants to pick out toys but Issac just wants to find the nearest lift.

“The response has been amazing, it makes me emotional just thinking about it, within two weeks of the page being set up we had over 500 videos sent to us.

“I will be putting them all on to a DVD and a digital photo frame so that he can watch them this Christmas.

“It will be a Christmas treat he will never forget.”

Pic by Caters News

Issac has had responses from P&O Cruises who have offered to give the family a VIP tour of the ship with the chance to use their own lifts and has even been contacted by a housing association with the opportunity to visit the lifts in their block of flats.

Strangers have sent videos of themselves from some of the world most famous locations, including the Eiffel tower.

A friend suggested to Miriam that she should set the page, ‘Gift a Lift to Issac’, the family have been inundated with heartwarming responses since setting up the page two weeks ago, receiving over 500 videos.

Miriam said: “When Issac was a baby it took him a lot longer to develop, he struggled to make eye contact, he didn’t make any noise and he wasn’t crawling.

“When he was three-years-old he was eventually diagnosed with autism and type one fibromatosis – which causes tumous to grow on the nerves.

This has left Issac with a tumour on his brain and his optic nerve, which affects his sight.

Miriam added: “Issac’s sister, Naomi, is also autistic but not as severely as Issac, she is vocal and helps us understand what he is trying to tell us, they have always been very close.

“We found even as a baby when Isaac got inside a lift he would start to smile.”

Miriam is hoping the page will inspire others to get into the Christmas spirit and give to others without spending money but donating there time.

Pic by Caters News

She said: “I can’t take Issace to see Santa or to a pantomime but this is his way of enjoying Christmas.

“Those few minutes of video might not mean a lot to other people but to Issac, it means the world.

“He loves watching people disappear into the lifts, it’s just so magical to him.

“I wanted to make his Christmas dream come true this year.”

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