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Barbie superman who became obsessed with the toy as a child fills her house wit 17,000 dolls.

Pic from Christina Czybik / Caters News 

Barbie superfan, who became obsessed with the toy as a child, has filled her home with 17,000 dolls.

Bettina Dorfman started the collection, which is said to be worth more than £200k, when she was just 10-years-old and was given a Barbie as a present during a stay in hospital.

Since then the blonde housewife from Düsseldorf, Germany has amassed a whopping 17,000 Barbies and holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection in the world.

Pic from Christina Czybik / Caters News 

The 58-year-old keeps some of her hoard in the basement and living room but has a dedicated Barbie room dubbed ‘Barbie‘s Kingdom’ for her most treasured dolls.

At the forefront of her collection are her favourite dolls from the 1960’s which she played with as a child and Bettina even operates Barbie hospital in her kitchen – with people from all over the world sending her their broken dolls for repair.

The mum-of-one, also has several pricey limited edition Barbies including a replica of the model Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe and Sandy from the film Grease.

Pic from Christina Czybik / Caters News 

She also has a Twist and Turn Barbie from 1968. It is still in its original packaging and is worth around £900.

Bettina had hoped her daughter, Melissa, would take over her empire one day but the youngster has shown no interest in the collection, preferring table tennis instead.

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