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Bride-to-be drops eight stone after ditching toast addiction in time for her wedding


A bride-to-be who refused to wear a size 24 wedding dress has dropped eight stone after ditching her toast addiction.

Jodie has lost eight stone

Jodie has lost eight stone


Jodie Hill, 26, from Wednesbury, West Mids, tipped the scales at over 18 stone after scoffing an entire loaf every day.

The full time mum loved nothing more than having a few slices of toast after her cereal, inbetween meals and as a side with lasagne or pasta bakes.

But with her waistline expanding, Jodie found herself wearing a dress size 24 and as her confidence plummeted, she began spending more time indoors to avoid the stares and whispers from strangers about her size.

Jodie, who refused to try on dresses until she had slimmed down, managed to lose eight stone after she ditched the loaf of bread for healthy alternatives and is now a dress size 12.

After joining Slimming World, she learnt to cook and hasn’t looked back since – tying the knot five months ago to husband, Dean, 26, she has never felt more confident.

Jodie said: “I would often get through four pieces of toast before it was even lunch time, I had it after sugary cereals and again when I felt peckish, it was out of habit more than anything.

“I had bread as a side with most microwavable meals and I had a takeaway every night, it would either be pizza, because again that included bread which I loved, chip shop or McDonalds.

Jodie before the weight loss with husband Dean

Jodie before the weight loss with husband Dean


“I hated my body and when my now husband, Dean, proposed in 2014, I refused to try on dresses until I lost weight.

“At a dress size 24 and with doctors warning I had pre diabetes after my second pregnancy, I knew I needed to change my ways if I wanted to see my kids, Carlie-Marie, seven and Macie-Mai, three, grow up.

“I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, after losing eight stone, I had the wedding day of my dreams in March and I felt so confident walking down the aisle.

“There’s no way I would have ever got married being the size I once was, I felt awful.”

Since starting her weightloss mission at the end of 2013, Jodie has learnt to cook and no longer relies on the microwave or toaster for a quick fix.

She added: “I can still eat bread but it has to be brown and the slices are much smaller, I would never eat a full loaf per day again.

Jodie has lost weight after giving up toast

Jodie has lost weight after giving up toast

“Looking back I can’t believe how unhealthy my eating habits had become, I would easily finish a multi bag of crisps and big bars of chocolate while watching TV.

“I was constantly eating but now I eat fresh food and when I do have the odd treat I feel like rubbish afterwards, it’s not worth it.

“I would never go back to the person I was before, it barely looks like me.”

Since hitting her target weight of just over 10st, Jodie is now helping others by setting up her own weightloss group.

She said: “I now work for Slimming World and run three sessions per week, I know better than anyone how it feels being fat and hating your body.

“I’m really enjoying it so far and I hope to inspire other women to stick to the diet plan as if I can do it, anyone can.”


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