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A couple who find reality boring bring fantasy to life with nine personalities

A fancy dress loving couple who bring fantasy to life with nine different costumes claim they find reality boring.

Abbie and Aaron as Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia

Abbie and Aaron as Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia


Aaron Bell and Abbie O’hara, both 22, from Devon, have transformed themselves into nine different characters over the past nine months.

Unlike most couples who go out to the cinema or for a meal, the duo love nothing more than to dress up – and their latest makeover includes Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia.

After meeting online on a cosplay forum the pair started dating in January and have since spent weeks planning and creating their handmade outfits, which can cost hundreds of pounds to make.

Despite getting a few funny looks in the street Aaron and Abbie say they couldn’t be happier and that they won’t need an excuse to dress up this Halloween.

Abbie, a car sales administrator, said: “It’s great bringing fantasy to life, sometimes reality can be so dull and boring.

“Me and Aaron love bringing our favourite characters into the real world, dressing up as each of them can be so much fun.

“It’s definitely a form of escapism for both of us, we can role play and really take on each individual personality.

“When you have a nine to five job where you have to be serious like I do it’s great to have a laugh in your spare time.


Abbie and Aaron in normal clothes


“We do get funny looks and some strange comments, especially living in such small communities but we’re just doing what we love.

“Life can be so depressing sometimes, we just try not to take ourselves too seriously.”

Abbie met Aaron two years ago on a cosplay forum online, but the pair only started talking properly last year and began dating when they realised how much they have in common.

Aaron, a full time actor, said: “Being able to be new characters all the time is great.

“We recently went to a comic convention dressed as Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia, we had such a great reception.

“The kids absolutely loved the outfits, it was amazing to see everyone’s reaction.

“That’s our aim to bring a bit of excitement.

“When I started speaking to Abbie we hit it off straight away, it was great to finally find someone who has the interests as me.

Abbie and Aaron as Emma Swan and Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time

Abbie and Aaron as Emma Swan and Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time


“We both love entertaining people and are always looking forward to when we can both dress up together again.

“We do normal couple stuff too and have a laugh, but when we cosplay we take fun to a whole new level.”

But despite their passion for cosplay, not everyone understands why Abbie and Aaron love dressing up.

Abbie said: “My family didn’t always understand why I liked cosplay as it’s a bit different but Aaron totally gets it.

“I think with every new outfit though I’m finally winning everyone round though.

“Both our friendship circles know cosplay it a part of who we are now, so none of them really bat an eyelid when they see new photos go up.

“My passion for cosplay began years ago, I love Japan and anime which is their style of animation, I find it fascinating.

“We love to cosplay as we can get dresses up for comic conventions, London MCM is the biggest one in the UK, where thousands of people attend, and this year when we attended it was the first time we went as a couple cosplay.”

So far Abbie’s characters include Office Judy Hopps from Zootopia, Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka from Naruto, and Guilmon from Digimon.



While Aaron’s list includes Nick Wilde from Zootopia, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, and Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time.

Abbie adds: “It’s such an achievement when you make each individual costume.

“It’s definitely a labour of love and we can spend hundreds of pounds sometimes on one costume alone.

“It took Aaron over three days once to style a wig but the results were great and it was worth it to get the proper look.

“The cosplay community is huge and we’ve made so many new friends along the way.

“We don’t need an excuse to dress up, every day is like Halloween for us.

“Who knows who we will become next.”


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