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Couple head to centre of the earth to get married inside volcano

Your Adventure Wedding / Caters

While many couples say they would go to the moon and back for one another, this pair decided to take the opposite approach, heading to the center of the Earth to get married INSIDE A VOLCANO.

Your Adventure Wedding / Caters

Australian residents Jan and Petra Saurbrey scaled the Thrihnukagigur Volcano, Iceland, for a ceremony like no other – their beautiful wedding photos including the likes of hard hats and climbing apparatus, as well as traditional garments.

In their other one-of-a-kind snaps, Jan, 52, and Petra, 50, can be seen walking across beautiful green fields, waterfalls and rivers flowing in the background; strolling across pebbled beaches; and embracing on ash with a beautiful rainbow glowing in the background.

The ceremony took place more than 100 meters underground, on July 7, 2017, and a secondary shoot on July 9 – but it wasn’t until recently that this stunning images were unveiled by organizer Ann Peters, owner of Your Adventure Wedding, who explained the story behind them.

Your Adventure Wedding / Caters

Anna, whose company organizes such thrill-seeking arrangements, said: “They loved the idea of being the first to hold a wedding ceremony inside of a volcano, embracing the challenges – the hike, weather, darkness inside, only having their sons as witnesses – but, really, the challenges made their story more unforgettable.”

With family in Denmark and Germany, Jan and Petra decided that Iceland made for the perfect location for their big day.

As the pair from Adeliade, Southern Australia, searched for locations, they discovered a volcano tour called “Inside The Volcano” and thought it would make for interesting spot to visit while in the country.

Your Adventure Wedding / Caters

As plans developed, though, Petra came up with the ultimate explanation for their thought process of what they really wanted: “Why wear a veil when you can wear a helmet?”

Having liaised with the necessary parties, Petra and Jan were told that each touring group gets approximately 30 to 40 minutes to explore inside the volcano, and what they decide to do in that time is rather flexible.

So the couple decided to get married.

Your Adventure Wedding / Caters

Petra, who is originally from Germany but has lived in Australia for around 30 years, said: “This may not be for everyone.

“If you want a white dress, if you want high heels, a pretty harido and large groups, don’t do it.

“If you want the experience of a lifetime, with a small group of people who mean the most to you, and to save on hairdressers and fancy shoes, go for it!”

The couple said they were delighted with how the images turned out, and photographer Ann said she loved working with the lighting (or lack of) and the challenges that posed.

Going forward, Ann said, she hopes Petra and Jan’s wedding will inspire others to consider the kind of weddings that Iceland-based Your Adventure Wedding helps to organize and shoot – including the likes of climbs, hikes and rappelling.

Your Adventure Wedding / Caters

Jan, who is originally from Denmark, said: “The 50-minute walk to the volcano entrance and the information about the area and the volcano was fascinating.

“Then there was the excitement of being harnessed in and gearing up with safety helmets. It was absolutely mind blowing and difficult to explain in simple words.

“Then, the decent into the volcano. Even the three teenagers with us, who had constantly asked “Why Iceland and why a volcano???” just went “Wow!”

“The mesmerizing colors and rock formations were just out of this world.

Your Adventure Wedding / Caters

“As the lift descended deeper and deeper into the volcano, the natural beauty was just amazing and awe inspiring.

“We thought: Who are we? So small, so insignificant compared to the beauty that was formed by natural forces.

“Yet we are all of a sudden part of this.”

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