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‘Cult’ tenants from hell trash home – causing £103,000 in damage 

A landlord has revealed how CULT member tenants trashed his property and turned it into a house of horrors – causing £103,000 worth of damage. 

The New Zealand landlord found the five-bedroom family home in Auckland strewn with human faeces, feathers and broken glass and the words ‘killers’ and ‘die’ daubed on the walls. 

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Landlords had evicted the tenant a month ago, but the $200,000 (£103,000) extent of the damage only came to light – which included destruction wreaked on the roof and windows – when they regained access inside last week.

Property manager Murray Peat, 63, said he has never seen anything like it – and believes the condition the property was left in may show signs of cult activity.

Murray said: “I’m still absolutely amazed that anyone could do this. I had to wonder: were they part of a cult?

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“There were feathers everywhere, I wondered if it was for some sort of sacrifice. 

“Then there were poles stuck through the doors at these bizarre angles.”

“It was one person living there but they were clearly people coming and going. 

“I’ve seen the occasional hole in the wall, but I’ve never seen anything like it.

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“We’ve been left with a shell of a house.”

Insurers have told Murray the damage – which includes the words “killers” and “die” daubed over the walls – is the worst they had seen. 

It’s understood some of it had already been caused when the landlords first evicted the tenant, but most was done during the fortnight they spent waiting to legally change the locks.

Police are investigating, while Murray is still racking his brain to find out what would possess anyone to do this.

Vid By News Hub/ Caters News

Murray said: “There was no reason for revenge or anything. They had been quite reasonable and paid his bills until a few weeks before abandonment.”

“I really have no idea what it was all about, I’m at a loss.”

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