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Dog-lover spends £27,000 a year on her loveable pampered pooches

This dog-lover spends a whopping £27,000 every year on her three pampered pooches.

Katy and her dogs

Katy and her dogs


Mutt mad Katy Harris splashes out thousands of pounds every month on her three adorable Boston terriers – adding up to a mammoth £27,000 in a year.

The cute pups have hundreds of pricey clothes, bespoke collars and hand-crafted beds – and their home includes their own lounge and built-in wardrobes.

Katy treats the dogs so often she ends up hiding receipts from her husband, Mark – who is often left out in the dog house.

While Mark is left to fend for himself, the pooches are treated to the finest organic grub, served up to them by their loving mum who waits on them hand and foot.

Katy, 45, from Middlewich, Cheshire, said: “They’re worth every penny!

“I love to spoil them – they only have the very best.

Katy says her three pooches are worth every penny

Katy says her three pooches are worth every penny


“I can easily pop out to the shops to get them one thing, and come out having spent more than £1,000.

“It’s difficult to put an exact figure on it, I try to restrain myself, but sometimes I do get a bit out of control.

“I often have to hide receipts from Mark, or I just don’t tell him – if he knew how much I spent he’d have a heart attack!

“He know though really though – he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

“We don’t have any children, so the dogs are like our babies.

“You do have to try and draw the line somewhere, but it’s difficult – they definitely don’t go without.

“I just think they deserve to be spoilt.”

Katy, who works for Barclays, loves nothing more than treating Beau, Sooty and Noodle to the finer things in life.

The three sisters have hundreds of matching outfits and top-of-the-range collars from designer doggy outlets.

Katy walking the dogs

Katy walking the dogs


Katy and Mark, 60, have even splashed out on a new kitchen – just to make sure the dogs have enough space to relax in.

Katy said: “We had a new kitchen put in and knocked through to the dining room so we could make them their own little lounge and their own space to chill out.

“We wanted more space for us too, but we always have the dogs in mind with everything we do.

“There are certain aspects of it, like the flooring, that we chose especially so it was dog-friendly.

“We also designed the utility room with space for all their clothes to go, almost like a little dressing room for them with built-in wardrobes.

“It might seem a lot of money, but it’s worth it to us.

“Everything we do revolves around the dogs – we don’t splash out on expensive foreign holidays, we always go somewhere in the UK that we can take the dogs with us.

“Some people think I’m a bit barmy, but they know that’s just what I’m like.

Katy throwing a birthday party for Beau

Katy throwing a birthday party for Beau


“People call me a crazy Boston mummy, but it’s all a bit of fun really and I like them to have the best.

“I love to dress them in matching outfits – coats, pyjamas, onesies, matching collars and leads, hats, bows and pearl necklaces.

“Everything needs to be co-ordinated, so we buy three of everything.

“Mark always says the dogs have more clothes than he does – and they probably do!

“If you’ve got to have an obsession with something it’s a nice one to have – I’d only spend money on handbags otherwise.

“Boston terriers are just such fun dogs – they love life, they love everybody and everything.

“The three of them get on so well together, they’re inseparable.

“They’re full of energy, they love playing with each other and other dogs too.

“They’ve got such a massive personality in such a small dog.

“People might say I’m crazy – but as long as the dogs are happy and loved, that’s all I care about.”


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