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Doting dad transforms mobility scooter into stylish miniature VW campervan for little boy’s 3rd birthday – and it’s even road legal 

A doting dad has transformed a mobility scooter into a miniature Volkswagen campervan for his little boy’s third birthday – and it’s even road legal.  

Factory worker, Keith Mitchell, spent £1600 and a year and a half of his spare time on the electric van, which can reach a speed of eight miles per hour and can travel an impressive 16 miles on a single charge. 

Pic by David Charlton/Caters News

Motorhead Keith built the VW at his home in Newcastle and unveiled the present to his delighted son Oscar – who already had toy replicas of the van –  for his third birthday this month (July.)

The father and son duo have since travelled around town in the green and white campervan which is controlled by Keith and includes a fake steering wheel for Oscar. 

The van – powered by a mobility scooter on a custom fabricated frame – also features working lights, wipers, indicators and a horn and lifts up and down just like a real splitscreen campervan. 

Pic by David Charlton/Caters News

Keith, 46, said: “The idea came from attending car shows and the whole project took around 20 months of my spare time. “It cost £1600 without counting the man hours. 

“I built it for my son, it was supposed to be for last Christmas but I was struggling for time to do the bodywork, so I finished it for his third birthday in July. 

“He’s sort of watched it evolve and he has toy versions of it. I built it with a fake steering wheel and controls for him knowing it would be a bit too much at his age, so I control it all from the rear.

Pic by David Charlton/Caters News

“We get stopped everywhere we go, even traffic police have stopped traffic so we can cross the roads.

“I plan to use it to go to car shows together and for trips out on nice days.”

The van was painted by Keith’s friend at ASP Body and Paint.

Since taking to the road in the campervan, Keith has received several offers from people wanting to buy the motor but none cover the cost of the build. 

Pic by David Charlton/Caters News

The innovative dad is now thinking of making more models to sell. 

He added: “We mainly stick to pathways as it’s safer but it has a 16 mile range on a charge and can reach eight miles per hour. 

“The furthest journey we have done so far was along the quayside into Newcastle and a drive about the town, stopping at the park. 

“I go to a lot of car shows and wanted something we could both go in.

“I bought the moulds damaged so repaired them and modified them for the look I wanted to achieve.

Pic by David Charlton/Caters News

“Everything attached to the van has been hand made , mirrors, windows, aerial mounts, wipers, and lights. It all works including the hazard warning lights, indicators and horn.

“I decided on electric power so I can basically go anywhere legally whereas petrol powered would of been illegal on public pathways.

“It lifts up and down just like a real show splitscreen campervan which also helps with curbs.” 

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