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Doting mum fundraising plea to get toddler an ab transplant after his ‘prune belly’ left him without muscles

A doting mother is hoping to raise £55K in order to get her toddler an ab transplant – after prune belly syndrome left him without stomach muscles.

Irina Cretu, 28, was shocked when her son, Albert, was extremely wrinkly when he was born, but didn’t realise the drastic effect his ‘old man’ skin would have on his life.


Just four days after he was born, Albert was diagnosed with Prune Belly Syndrome, a rare disorder which causes complete absence of abdominal muscles and severe renal problems.

Alongside his lack of muscle, Albert also suffers from sickness, kidney disease, recurrent UTI’s, bloating and constipation due to the rare condition.

Now, his mother is begging strangers to help her raise £55,000 for pioneering surgery in the United States that will transfer muscles from her son’s thigh, into his abdominals.

Irina, from Harrow, London, said: “When I was pregnant they told us that there were problems and suggested that we terminated the pregnancy.

“But because they couldn’t tell us exactly what was wrong and because I desperately wanted my son, I ignored their advice.

“When he was born his body was covered in wrinkles – he looked more like an old man than a day old baby.


“But it wasn’t until four days after that we found out what was wrong with him and all of the complications that came along with Prune Belly Syndrome.

“I need my son to live a normal life and he needs to have abs, so I’m pleading for donations to help him get this surgery.”

Despite being told that Albert was likely to encounter health problems, Irina claims she was never told exactly what was going to be wrong with her son.

However after finding out about her son’s condition, Irina, has fought tirelessly to find solutions to give her son a more stable life.

She said: “From the moment he was born he was rushed into intensive care, and was left there for over a month.


“The problem is that his syndrome can change very quickly – one day he can be absolutely fine, when the next he can be on death’s door.

“After doing my research into his condition and into ways to help him lead a normal life, I discovered that he could have surgery to give him the abs he wasn’t born with.

“But the surgery is only in the United States at the moment as his condition is very rare, and the surgery even rarer.”

After finding out that there was surgery available that could give her son his abdominal muscles, Irina started to fundraise online to secure the funds to fly him to America.

She added: “As soon as I knew that there was surgery available, there was no other option but to get him over there.


“The surgery is going to take muscle from his thigh and transplant it into his abs, giving him the muscles that he’s missing.

“This will help with his digestion and respiratory function and hopefully eradicate all of the other problems he has faced because of the condition.

“We’re currently over a third of the way there, so hopefully my little boy will be getting his abs any day now!”

To donate towards Albert’s surgery, visit:

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