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Double take! Mum beats incredible odds and gives birth to second set of identical twins

By Mollie Tracey

A mum has beaten the odds and has given birth to her SECOND set of identical twins.

Sophia Brown, 32, from Sydney, gave birth to identical twin boys, Ethan and Harley, now three, in 2014.

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But beating the odds of 100,000 to one, Sophia and husband Paule, 33, found out that they were expecting their second set of identical twins earlier this year.

Delighted, and a little shocked by the news, the family prepared for the new arrivals and were forced to upgrade their car to an eight seater.

On September 6, the family finally welcomed their twin girls, Camilla and Madison, who just like their brothers, were conceived naturally, without any IVF or fertility treatments and carried to full term.

Sophia, who works in the public sector said, said: “Never in a million years did I think I would have twins, let alone two sets of identical twins, it’s just amazing.

“When the radiologist announced the news the second time I assumed she was joking.

Pic from Caters News

“I was more shocked than Paule and he was definitely more excited at first, but like me, he just couldn’t believe it.

“After having the boys, we wanted to try for a girl to complete our family and we just couldn’t believe that we had ended up with two.

“Thankfully both of my pregnancies have been uncomplicated and they both went really smoothly.

“I had a natural birth with the boys, however forceps had to be used and so they had different shaped heads to begin with, that was how we could tell them apart.

“The girls were breech and so I had to have a C-section and because of this there is no way of telling them apart just yet, they are completely identical.

“But for now the hospital have put little tags on their ankles so we know who is who.

“The bond the boys have is so special and we can’t wait to see the relationships the girls will have when they grow up, it’s so lovely to know they will always be there for each other.”

Pic from Caters News

Sophia and Paule first found out they were expecting twin boys in 2014 and prepared their home for their unexpected arrivals.

She added: “When we found out we were having the boys we were both surprised and scared at the same time, we had no idea what to expect.

“But we received so much support from our families, they really helped us out, and eventually we learnt what worked best for us.

“I had no complications and I carried them full term.”

And, once Sophia and Paule overcame the initial shock of expecting a second sets of twins, the couple couldn’t wait to meet the new additions to their family.

Sophia said: “We felt a lot calmer than what we did with Ethan and Harley, this time around we knew what we were doing after all of the practice we already had.

“And luckily we saved everything that we needed, so we already had the double pram, two cots and two car seats.

Pic from Caters News

“We didn’t have to make much changes to the house, but we have had to upgrade our car to an eight seater.

“Ethan and Harley are very affectionate and gentle towards their new baby sisters, they want to carry and cuddle them every minute of every day.

“They are always concerned about me and they want to know how the girls are doing when they visit the hospital.

“At the moment we don’t plan on having any more children, we are over the moon that we have two boys and two girls, they are just perfect.

“We have received a few negative comments from different people, they say that they would ‘hate to be us’.

“But this really is a dream come true for me and Paule, we have four healthy children, what more could we ask for.”

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