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Double trouble! Dad of identical twins documents his hectic life with series of funny snaps

A dad of identical twins has documented his hilariously hectic life with two toddlers in a series of funny snaps.

Guy Vainer / Caters News

When Guy Vainer discovered his wife, Dalit, was expecting twins he had no idea what he was letting himself in for.

But rather than be overwhelmed by the chaos, the 31-year-old decided to embrace it and the end result is a rather unusual photo album for his sons, Yanai and Barak, to look back on when they’re older.

The photographer has set up a series of funny snaps which show his cheeky identical one-year-old twins doing everything from mundane tasks such as helping to give their daddy a shave to more extreme scenarios such as getting tattoos.

Guy Vainer / Caters News

The amusing shots were created using photoshop with the clever dad editing together various images to create one funny snap.

Guy, from Slomi in Israel, said he was in shock when he first found out his wife was expecting twins.

He said: “I was in shock. They’re our first children so we didn’t have any parenting experience.

“I didn’t even know how to deal with one kid and then I suddenly had two.

“Because we have identical twins that look exactly the same it was hard for me to even tell which was which in the first four months.

Guy Vainer / Caters News

“Having two boys loose in the house is like a tornado. Within five minutes the house is in total chaos.

“I think that taking ‘normal’ pictures is boring. Every kid has the same pictures and I wanted to give my boys something special.

Guy Vainer / Caters News

“Most of the people love the photos and find them funny. But there are always some who don’t get them and think we are bad parents and putting the kids at risk.

“Each child is photographed alone at least 20 times. Then we take some pictures of ourselves and the background.

Guy Vainer / Caters News

“If the kids appear flying is because I hold them in the air. Hiding my hands under their clothes to make it easier to erase. No children or animals were put in danger or discomfort while taking the pictures.

“It’s chaotic but we love being with them and when they fall asleep the house suddenly seems so quiet.”

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