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Expectant dad hoping to break news of baby’s gender ends up breaking his ankle instead during cringeworthy gender reveal fail

This expectant father took the famous idiom ‘break a leg’ a little too literally during an American football-themed gender reveal party in-front of his family and friends.

After twisting his reluctant wife’s arm to throw a gender reveal party, Chris Ojeda will perhaps wish he hadn’t, after a miskick of a football resulted in a nasty injury. 

Nonchalantly stood with a beer in-hand at home in Somerset, New Jersey, and in front of an excitable crowd of fifty family and friends, Chris, 34, was preparing to kick a dye-loaded pigskin to reveal the gender of his second child. 

With his wife, Pryscilla, standing close by, Chris winds back his leg to strike the ball, only to slip and inadvertently kick his standing leg, sending him hurtling towards the ground in a puff of pink smoke, his ankle twisted beneath him. 

Hearing a ‘series of crunches’ as he landed, friends and family quickly rush to the aid of Chris, who can be seen holding his leg at a peculiar angle – it was later revealed he had fractured it in two places and torn a major ligament.

Admitting it wasn’t long before he saw the funny side, Chris, who will be unable to walk for at least 9 weeks, said: “I was laughing about it before I was even given a chair to sit on. 

“It was actually my idea to have a gender reveal – it was also on my birthday as well. 

“There had to be fifty people there – my brother had flown in from Texas; my mother from Georgia. 

“I was excited either way but I was secretly hoping for boy as we already have a daughter, Mariah.

“As I went for the kick I slip and landed on my kicking foot. 

“I heard three of four crunches and immediately fell to the ground. 

“Thankfully a lot of my family and friends are either police officers or nurses, so I was in safe hands.

“At some points my vision was blurry from the pain, which was quite scary. 

“I couldn’t believe what I’d just done.

“Every time I watch it back I laugh and cringe a little too. 

“Everyone is finding it so funny.

“I’m so excited to meet my new baby girl.”

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