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Forget Nando’s and Netflix – this man whisks his wife off on the world’s most romantic dates

A dating duo have visited the world’s most exotic destinations – swapping Nandos and Netflix for more exotic destinations including Mexico, Peru and Columbia.

Trevor and July at Macchu Pichu, Peru

Trevor and July at Macchu Pichu, Peru


Trevor Crane, 29, from Alberta, Canada, and July Mejia, 26, from Ibagué, Columbia, met online in 2013 and after speaking regularly over Skype for four months, the couple met for the first time on a romantic date in Panama.

And because of the disance beteen them, they decided that when they were able to meet for a date, they would meet in a different romantic loaction each time.

Trevor whisked July on several dates around the world, with each trip bringing them to new and exotic destinations.

The couple went to Peru, where they went sandboarding and visited Machu Picchu, and Mexico where they swam with dolphins and enjoyed an underwater sea trek.

Trevor, an electrician, finally visited July in Colombia and later proposed in front of her friends and family and in 2015, whilst holidaying in their favourite destination, Cancun, the couple tied the knot.

Trevor and July in Panama

Trevor and July in Panama


The duo are now planning their next date to Europe in October where they plan to visit France, Germany, Holland and Greece.

July, a psychology student, said: “Over the past three years Trevor he has taken me on the most amazing dates.

“Before I met Trevor I dated a few guys and we always just went for a coffee or to the cinema to watch a movie, but the dates Trevor has taken me on have been completely unforgettable, I feel so lucky.

“When we met at the airport for the first time in Panama I felt really nervous, I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I saw him I knew I had made the right decision.

“We stayed in a beautiful resort and spent the week getting to know each other a little more, by the end of our stay we decided to make our relationship official.

“My favourite date was probably Peru, we visited Macchu Picchu and went sandboarding in the desert – it couldn’t have been more different than previous dates I had been on.

Trevor and July in Huacachina, Peru

Trevor and July in Huacachina, Peru


“I can’t imagine what our dates would have been like if we had just gone to a normal restaurant or to the cinema, I have loved exploring new places with Trevor.

“I was over the moon when Trevor asked to marry me, in December we got married in our favourite destination, Mexico, and are now planning our future travel dates together.”

The couple met in 2013 on a travel dating website, Miss Travel, and after meeting for the first time four months later in Panama they made their relationship official.

But instead of romantic meals and cinema dates, Trevor has whisked July to luxurious destinations around the world including Peru, Panama and Mexico.

She added: “I met Trevor online and after speaking over Skype and WhatsApp for around four months we decided to finally meet.

“I was really nervous and wanted to give a good first impression so I dressed in Trevor’s favourite colours and as I walked through security I heard him shout my name.

Trevor and July Mejia in Mexico

Trevor and July in Mexico

“I had my concerns but as soon as I saw him I knew I had made the right decision, he looked so excited to see me and I couldn’t wait to get to know him a little bit more.

“Whilst in Panama we went para sailing and on another trip to Peru we visited a city in the desert where we went sand boarding, from the moment we met our dates have been so much fun.

“Mexico is one of our favourite places, we have been back there three times, so it was really special when Trevor proposed to me on the beach in Cancun last year.

“Trevor planned most of the wedding and in December we went back to Mexico for the ceremony, we were surrounded by friends and family who came to celebrate with us.

“Whilst there we swam with dolphins, hired jet skis, went on an underwater sea trek and even touched a baby shark, all of my friends are really jealous but know how lucky I am.

Trevor  and July love to travel

Trevor and July love to travel


“I love walking along the beach with Trevor, I can’t imagine what our dates would have been like if we had just gone to a normal restaurant or to the cinema.

“Trevor pays for most of our trips and I do feel bad that I am not able to help out with the costs, but I always try to buy Trevor a little gift to show him how grateful I am.”

Despite currently living apart, July is hoping to move to Canada soon to be with Trevor and the pair hope to continue their adventurous dates.

In fact, the couple are currently planning their next trip to Europe in October where they plan to visit France, Germany, Holland and Greece.

Trevor said: “Before meeting July I would mostly go on dinner dates so it’s been an amazing new experience for both of us.

“It’s really hard living apart, but our amazing dates have made up for it and, since meeting, we have managed to spend every Christmas and New Year together.

“Once July moves to Canada we plan to save as much money as possible in order to travel further, our love for travel has bought us together and we hope to continue our passion in the future.”


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