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Glamour model claims she receives daily abuse over her fake boobs and lavish look – because she is a mum of three

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glamour model claims she is ridiculed daily for her ‘inappropriate’ breast implants, fake tan and lavish dress sense – because she’s a MUM

Mum-of-three Bella Vrondos, 33, said she is constantly taunted by strangers who think her Kim Kardashian-inspired fashion sense and love of wearing tight dresses, lingerie and high heels mean she doesn’t spend money on her kids.

The model and beauty boutique owner, from Mascot, Sydney, claims people tell her she should dress modestly and adhere to ‘appropriate parental clothing’ – but she thinks there is no right or wrong way a parent should look.

Bellatrixia Enterprises owner Bella, who claims she has even been advertised on Craigslist as an escort as a sick joke, said: “I am viewed differently by society because of the way I look. People see me and they think I’m a mean girl, there’s a lot of judgment.

“I love Kim Kardashian, she’s sexy but classy. I love wearing whatever she wears but I’m never distasteful, my hair and makeup are always done.  Dressing up and doing my makeup makes me feel good about myself.

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“Someone said to me that they’d rather spend their money on their children, but just assuming I don’t spend my money on my kids is ridiculous.

“People always ask me ‘aren’t you a mum?’ and I say yes, of course I’m a mum and then I tell them how great my kids are.

“As soon as I got a breast augmentation I was viewed differently by most of the other mums.

“I didn’t get plastic surgery to look like a porn star but because I’ve had three kids and my body totally deformed –  I did it to be happy and to feel confident with my body.

“Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to give up your whole self being, I am trying to create awareness about that.

“If I wear heels to the shopping centre people will look at me, because you’re expected to dress down. I love wearing skirts, dresses and high heels.

“My children love me the way I am, if I was to change my appearance then I wouldn’t be their mum – I wouldn’t be me.

“My kids think that I am the best person on the planet, they look at all the other mums and they wonder why they’re not like me.

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“Just because I look a certain way doesn’t mean I should be treated differently.”

Bella said her partner and her kids, Alyssa, nine, Kiera, eight, and Connor, six, love the way she dresses and wouldn’t want her to change.

In March Bella, who has thousands of followers on Facebook, received hate online after she posted a photo with of herself wearing a tight beige-coloured dress with her three children at their school.

And she claims mums and strangers alike ostracize her because of the way she looks.

Bella said she is tired of constantly being asked ‘but aren’t you a mum?’ and wants to raise awareness that there is no right or wrong way a parent is expected to look.

The boutique owner and lingerie designer works hard to be able to afford her lavish looks which includes working 20-hour days and running two businesses.

Bella said: “I posted a photo on social media of me and my kids at school with their awards and the photo went viral because apparently the way I was dressed wasn’t appropriate for school.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“People were commenting saying I had my boobs out and I shouldn’t have worn that dress.

“My daughter Keira is exactly like me, she’s the prodigy of Bella. My kids love me for me and don’t want me to change.

“I’m not included in any of the mum’s groups or cliques. A lot of criticism is from social networks and I always get taunts online from younger people.

“One of the first birthday parties I took my daughters to, all the mothers were sitting together and eating lunch and I was there to fend for myself.

“I work really hard, most days I work 20 hours just to make sure I can make my kids happy.

“With my boutique, I also design Victoria Secret-type lingerie with big wings.

“My aim is to give everybody the same kind of confidence that I have achieved within those years of looking after myself.

“When people see me, they get intimidated but when they talk to me they realise that I’m just a normal person.”

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