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Grandma nearly falls out of chair with excitement at baby announcement

This excited grandma almost falls out of her chair when she finds out her first grandchild is on the way.

Stephanie Crosby, 33, decided to overwhelm her mum Vicki, 57, with cuteness for the announcement.

Dressing her five-year-old dog Fish up in a t-shirt saying ‘I am going to be sister’ she gets her to jump up on Vicki.

After taking a few seconds to admire the shirt, Vicki eventually realises the meaning and kicks back in her seat in excitement as new dad Tommy Crosby, 35, looks on.

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Stephanie, a pharmacist from Virginia Beach, Virginia, said: “My husband and I had been trying for a baby for about two years and had started going to see a specialist.

“After the fifth round of medication I had a positive test and our world has never been better.

“We tried to hide it until our eighth-week appointment but once we heard the heartbeat I could not keep it a secret anymore. It was the most beautiful sound.

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“My mum had moved to the area two years prior to hopefully raise any grandchildren so I knew this would be the moment she had been waiting for.

“We went straight to her place with my dog and her new t-shirt. She loves the dogs a lot and I wanted to incorporate my dog somehow.

“I found the t-shirt online and got it straight away.

“My mum had no idea I was pregnant. My husband and I had stayed home a lot because I had lost my appetite and I didn’t want her to be suspicious.

“As she had been waiting for two years I knew she would be excited. Just not that excited. I wanted to catch her reaction to seeing my dog’s shirt but it took her forever to read it.

“We cried and hugged and we showed her the ultrasound and the heartbeat video. She was just in shock.

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“She was told to keep it a secret which was really hard for her. I later found out she had been going to Babies R Us and telling strangers her news just so she could talk about it.

“Mum is now a wonderful grandmother to Liam and watches him while we both work. Fish is also a great big sister.”

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