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Heels of pride! Super-tall 6ft 4in woman embraces 6in heels after years of ‘transvestite’ torment

A 6ft 4in woman says she has finally come to terms with her height after years of being mistaken for a transvestite – and now loves to wear 6in high heels – despite them making her TALLER than the UK’s tallest woman.

Pics by James Ward/Caters News

Melanie Coulson, 46, was born with Marfan Syndrome, a rare condition which affects connective tissue and means those with the disorder have abnormally large legs or hands.

The mum-of-two, who has a 36in inside leg, has endured a lifetime of taunts – including frequently being asked whether or not she is a man – and spent years wearing flat shoes and walking with a stoop because she was so embarrassed by her height.

But Melanie, who also has a prosthetic eye, has since hit back at the haters to embrace her height – and now loves nothing more than slipping into a pair of high heels for every occasion, with seven pairs in her collection.

And she isn’t even shy of slipping into a stiletto, with her highest pair having a 6in heel – which make her 6ft 10in when she wears them, with Britain’s tallest woman 6ft 9in tall.

Pics by James Ward/Caters News

Melanie, an accounts assistant from Mansfield, Derbys, said: “For many years I’ve only ever worn flat shoes and I would always stoop – I’d never even think about wearing heels as I wanted to look smaller.

“Every time I go out drinking, someone always comes up and asks if I’m a transsexual. It’s horrible.

“We were on holiday last year and I was sat round the pool with my daughter and someone asked me ‘have you had the operation to make you a man?’

“I later found out that the same woman had referred to me as ‘the ladyboy’.

“Then, three years, ago I got a pair of heels because something just changed inside me and I felt so feminine.  I thought I’m going to get started so I may as well wear a pair of heels. I would never have done that three years ago.

“They make me feel feminine and like a girl of a regular height does when she puts her heels on.

Pics from Caters News

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and certainly the most confident.”

Melanie said she has faced ridicule throughout her life because of her height and was even made the object of a bizarre class “art project”.

She said her teenage years were particularly difficult due to bullying. Melanie said that she was often asked if she was a man or a transexual.

Melanie said: “I remember being at primary school and I had to lay on this huge piece of paper so people could draw around me as I was the tallest in the school and I was only 10.

“As a teenager, dating was an issue because fashion didn’t really cater for a girl my size.

“I didn’t really have too many boyfriends growing up. Not too many people want to date a tall girl.

“I’ve got a 36-inch inside leg, so that can also be a struggle. Looking different was a problem.

Pics from Caters News

“I had my first boyfriend when I was 17 and he was 5ft 6in.

“I think in those days though I was just happy to have a boyfriend, rather than someone who I actually liked.”

Melanie said despite feeling confident and happy in herself, she still encounters prejudices on a daily basis.

But after 20 years suppressing her femininity, she is now determined to face life head on.

Melanie said: “I just want to help people that struggle with their identities, as people can be so cruel.

“Now I’ve come to terms with my height, I find when people ask me questions it empowers me.

“There are other women out there who are 6ft and over.

“I want people to know you can be a woman and be happy with yourself despite looking different.

Pic from Caters News

“It’s never alright to say a comment that’ll make a person seem or feel any less beautiful.”

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