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Here comes the wide! Wedding photo shocks obese mum into shedding seven stone (100lb) to become a figure competitor

A mum has shed a staggering seven stone (100lb) to become a figure competitor thanks to a shocking wedding photo that helped her realise she was obese.

Rachel Krebs, 32, from Bellingham, Washington, USA, decided to transform her life after seeing the image on her friend’s big day two years ago.

PICS BY RACHEL KREBS / CATERS NEWS: aThe photographs at her friends wedding that woudl spark her weight loss journey.

She weighed over 16 stone (229lb) after piling on the pounds from two pregnancies – giving her a BMI of 47.1, which put her into the morbidly obese category of the scale.

After seeing the embarrassing photograph from her friend’s big day and constant fatigue that was stopping her from being the mother she wanted to be, she decided ‘enough was enough’.

She cut out all processed food, fast food and alcohol, in favour of organic healthy options through her Isagenix, which she supplemented with exercise three to six times a week. 

Using her dream of entering a figure competition to spur her on, she continued to get slimmer and trimmer and would perform at her first event last year.

Now, having dropped to less than ten stone (129lb) and with 16% body fat, she regularly flexes her muscles to wow the crowds in the competitions – regularly placing in the top five.

PICS BY RACHEL KREBS / CATERS NEWS: Rachel at her heaviest weight when she was over 16 stone – 229lb with 47,1 BMI meaning she was morbidly obese

Rachel, a health and fitness coach, said: “I gained quite a bit of weight from my two pregnancies, so when I lost 35lb I thought I was looking pretty good.

“But when I saw pictures from my best friend’s wedding it was a reality check that I was still quite obese.

“I realised that I was still very overweight and technically obese according to my BMI.

“I also wasn’t able to be the mother I wanted to be. I finally said, ‘enough is enough’ and decided this was not the way I wanted to live my life anymore.

“I wanted to be the mom who could run after her kids and do cartwheels, not stuck in a recliner too tired to do anything.

“Isagenix provided an easy to follow plan. It was something that was maintainable for an extended long-term time-frame and had a great community that provide a lot of support and accountability.

PICS BY RACHEL KREBS / CATERS NEW: Rachel weighed over 16 stone (229lb) after piling on the pounds from two pregnancies

“I cut out processed food, fast food and alcohol. I stuck to eating whole foods and tried to be as organic as I could.

“I was so proud of how far I’ve come, from a place where I was obese and depressed, to feeling like an athlete and someone who is proud to be a role model for my kids.  

“I never could have imagined this transformation, if someone would have told me, I would have laughed.”

One of the main motivations for Rachel, aside from her photo-based embarrassment, was wanting to be a better mother for her children Lauren and Decklan. 

She said: “I feel like a different person, it feels like before I was living a different life. 

PICS BY ISAGENIX INTERNATIONAL / CATERS NEWS: Rachel now at her slimmest under ten stone

“I remember being so physically exhausted and used to avoid social situations, now I’m really excited to be around people.

“For me the most important thing was just being able to run around with my kids, teach my daughter to do a cartwheel. Before I could barely walk up and down the stairs.

“Now my kids ask me to flex my muscles, so they can take pictures. My daughter even told her teacher that I lost weight.”

After entering her first figure competition last year, where she placed 8th, she’s continued to do more competitions and continue to lose weight.

Last weekend, she placed second and third during her last competition recently as well as winning ‘Most Inspirational Award’ and two months ago was announced as one of 15 finalists for the Isagenix Isabody Challenge.

Rachel said: “There were 46,000 people who entered this challenge so to be selected as a finalist was beyond words for me.

PICS BY ISAGENIX INTERNATIONAL / CATERS NEWS: Rachel now at her slimmest under ten stone

“I never thought I could have done that, I’m very grateful for Isagenix and the community, they have provided me so much support and encouragement.”

Rachel credits Isagenix, her family and personal determination for the weight loss success, a transformation that she compares to ‘night and day’.

Doug Jensen, Vice President of Global Sales Strategy and Programs, said: “Our Isagenix family is thrilled for Rachel.

It’s exciting to see how she’s transformed her health and life since she started incorporating our nutrition solutions into her daily routine. 

“Rachel is a great example of what our customers can achieve with Isagenix.

“As a participant in our IsaBody Challenge®, a total-body transformation program, Rachel paired hard work and dedication with our exceptional nutrition solutions and received invaluable support from fellow IsaBody participants who encouraged her every step of the way. 

PICS BY RACHEL KREBS / CATERS NEWS: Rachel now a fitness competitor who shows her body regularly in competitions

“When you put all of that together, incredible transformations like Rachel’s can occur.”

Rachel added: “When I share my transformation pictures people cannot believe it’s me and don’t recognise me.

“It was a fun discovery that after two babies I could still have abs and a six pack.”

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SNACKS – cheeze-it’s or crackers with bagels, Costco muffins or donuts 

LUNCH – foot long subway with chips & cookies

SNACKS – crackers or chips  

DINNER – Pasta, 1/2 a Caesars hot n ready pizza, Taco Bell or other takeout. 

DESSERT – ice cream or candy


BREAKFAST – Isagenix Isalean Shake 

SNACKS – toast & eggs or cottage cheese & fruit

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BEFORE BED – eggs, egg whites, almond butter or whey protein 

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