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Hilarious pregnancy reveal – using Cards Against Humanity game 

When announcing a pregnancy, there’s no set way on how to tell your family – let alone your parents – but one couple decided to break the news in an unforgettable way. 

Jadine Watson, 34 and Cale Plut, 31, from Port Coquitlam, Canada, decided to his Jadine’s fathers favourite game to announce their incredible news – Cards Against Humanity. 

Following research online, they were able to find a company who were able to make custom cards of custom size – including Jadine’s fathers favourite game. 

Jadine said: “As soon as we found out we were expecting I started looking for ways to use the card game as part of the announcement.

“The happy couple quickly approached the company, known for their unique card game, however, they were sadly unable to help on this occasion.

“Unfortunately, they were not able to make custom cards however they did ask for some personal information in the email and we received an amazing gift from them with a handwritten note.”

After uploading their news to a template, the surprise card was shipped to their home address ahead of their shocking games evening.  

Jadine added: “My father was the last to know at the dinner party. In fact, he was the last to know of our parents. It wouldn’t have worked if the others at the table were not already in the loop.

“He was way more clueless then I expected. I really thought he would have figured it out with the clues from the cards.”

Speaking of her disappointment, Jadine, said the game didn’t end the way she expected but they had a great evening.

First embarking on their family, Jadine and Cale suffered a miscarriage, which instantly sent shockwaves through the family.

Jadine said: “I was 12 weeks pregnant when we made the announcement. Our little girl is now 18 months old.

“Once we passed all the ‘danger’ points we wanted him to be among the first to know since he has always been there for us.”

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