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Horror for mum after logging onto Facebook to find out she’s dead


A mum of four was left horrified after logging onto Facebook and finding pictures of herself splashed across the news feed claiming she was dead.

Candice with her children Jade, Casey, Oliver and Kobi

Candice with her children Jade, Casey, Oliver and Kobi


Candice Haines, 32, from Druids Heath, Birmingham, was shocked to discover her photo being used on health website, Daily Records, about another woman and fellow Crohn’s sufferer who had died from the disease.

The full time mum of four was inundated with calls from her father, close friends and family who had all read the online article which was being shared on Facebook.

Candice, whose story about her bowel condition was covered nationally last year, believes the misunderstanding happened because an image of her was already online.

Thankfully Candice was able to reassure those around her that she was actually alive and even wrote a Facebook post to set the record straight.

Candice said: “When I woke up last Tuesday to my dad calling me and lots of missed calls, I knew something wasn’t right.

“He was in a right panic as he’d seen the post on Facebook and presumed something had happened in the night.

“I was in complete shock, my first thought was, ‘why would someone write a story about me being dead?’

“Obviously it was a complete misunderstanding but it took hours to reply to all the messages online and let my closest friends and family know I was in fact alive.

“It was the most surreal experience, I was getting messages of condolence, thankfully I’m alive and I could shock those who thought I was dead with the best possible response, ‘I’m alive and well.'”

“I’ve had to do Facebook and Twitter posts explaining what has happened to prevent anyone else from panicking and thinking I’m dead.”

The screenshot of the Facebook post

The screenshot of the Facebook post


Candice first shared her story in September last year to raise awareness for the effects the bowel condition has had on her life.

She added: “I wanted to raise awareness and I suppose that even a story like this does that as it’s making people talk and understand the seriousness of the disease.

“I really have no idea how it happened, someone posted it in a Crohn’s group called IBD Superheroes and before I knew it I had so many inbox messages that I couldn’t even read them all and reply quick enough.

“Because I’m really active in the online Crohn’s community it was shared so many times and read by thousands across the country.

“I have four children, Jade 16, Casey, nine, Oliver, seven, and Kobi-Kai, three, with my husband, Paul, 36, and when I took the youngest ones to school last week all the mum’s at the school gates were shocked to see I was actually alive.

“Even my local chemist who I have been going to for years for my medication thought I had died.

“It’s been a crazy week but I’m so thankful it was just a mix-up and can actually laugh about it.”

Candice’s photo still remains on the website.

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