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The kate escape – Mumsy mum transforms into Kate Moss’s thanks to strangers

A mum-of-two has ditched the ‘mumsy’ lifestyle after being repeatedly mistaken for Kate Moss.

Denise Ohnona, 37, lost her fashion sense, gained weight, and led a ‘boring’ life after giving birth to her first child.

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After going through a divorce, Denise spent her days at home and disregarded her own appearance.

But after strangers stopped her in the street to tell her how much she looked like Supermodel mum Kate Moss, Denise decided to transform her image to look like the supermodel.

Denise has since overhauled her wardrobe, regularly visits the gym and now dresses to impress whenever she leaves the house.

Denise, from Ormskirk, Lancashire, said: “When I split up with my ex-husband six years ago, I went a bit ‘mumsy,’ I lost my sense of fashion and gave up on the gym.

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“I would look after the kids day and night and it was more important to run around after them than look after myself.

“Then I started getting people mistaking me for Kate Moss when I would go anywhere.

“Being told that I could look like Kate Moss picked me back up and I started focusing on myself again.

“I got back into the gym and looking after my appearance and the comments started all over again!

“I have always been obsessed with wanting to be really skinny because it suits me – and that’s how Kate Moss is.

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“But I’m not as tall as Moss, I’m only 5ft 4 inches but when I’m sitting down people can’t tell.”

After divorcing her ex-husband in 2011, Denise was left to focus on her daughter, Elise, 7.

Denise added: “I went into a downward spiral of not looking after myself – I felt very self-conscious as I’d lost the man I was with for eight years.

“So I stopped eating well and looking after myself, I was more about convenience and comfort.

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“After I kept on getting told I looked like Kate Moss I picked myself up again and it helped me cope with the divorce.

“Being compared to Kate Moss was a huge confidence boost after, so I just ran with it.

“That’s when I started to style myself on her, with my hair and my clothes – I love being told I look like her!”

Alongside constantly being stopped in the street, Denise also reveals that her current partner, Robert, is regularly reminded of their similarities.

Denise said: “Robert always gets told that I look like Kate, but he always insists that he didn’t notice our resemblance when we first met.

“Now he realises it loads, and I always jealously joke with him over the fact he must fancy Kate Moss.

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“Once when were out on a date night in London, there was a group of ten people sat at a table beside us and they wouldn’t stop turning around and looking.

“When I got up to go to the toilet they ran over to my partner and shouted, ‘oh my god you’re with Kate Moss!’

“But it happens almost everywhere we go.

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“I’ve never met Kate Moss but I would love to know if she thinks we look similar too.”

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