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Little girl given just weeks to live makes miracle recovery after tumours suddenly vanish

A four year old girl who was given just weeks to live has made a miraculous recovery after her brain tumours vanished.

Pippa with mum Shell and dad Scott

Pippa with mum Shell and dad Scott


Pippa Cole, was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in July 2013 – but when it returned for the fourth time, her devastated parents, Shell, 35 and Scott, 37, were told their daughter was terminal.

With just a few weeks left to live, they celebrated their final Christmas and continued to ensure Pippa stayed as happy as possible.

It was recommended she had radiotherapy but before completing the course, Pippa needed to stop as it was causing her to struggle to breathe.

As the week’s passed, her scans revealed her tumours, for the first time since diagnosis were stable.

But in July, they got the best news possible, Pippa’s tumours had completely disappeared.

She was no longer terminal and, for the first time since 2013, had a future to look forward to.

Doctors believe she’s a little miracle and Pippa’s mum, Shell, cannot believe her little girl has started school.

Shell, a former primary school teacher, said: “Being told Pippa was terminal and had just weeks to live was heart breaking, it was the worst possible news.

“After all the surgery and chemotherapy, it seemed incredibly unfair that we were going to lose her anyway.

“Every week we had with her from that moment seemed even more precious.

“By July, we felt so lucky she had lived past doctors expectations and her scans in 2016 had been stable.

“Nothing could have prepared us for the news that all Pippa’s cancerous tumours had disappeared.

Pippa and Shell during her treatment

Pippa and Shell during her treatment


“She had undergone four brain operations but every time they would scan her 48 hours later, new ones grew and multiplied.

“The scan in February 2015 revealed they had now grown down her spine and we were all devastated.

“This recent news is dream come true and we still can’t quite believe that it’s real.”

Shell first noticed something was wrong with Pippa in July 2013 when she began vomiting every day for nine days straight.

She added: “I rushed her to hospital on the ninth day as I noticed there was blood, in A&E Pippa had tests that led to a CT scan.

“There was a 4cm mass on her brain and we were taken by ambulance to Manchester Children’s Hospital for further tests.

“She then had an MRI scan and we were told it was most likely benign – sadly this wasn’t the case.

“After 10 hours of brain surgery, doctors managed to get 98 per cent of the tumour but ten days later we faced the biggest blow, it was cancer and she had 40 per cent chance of living past five years.

“Our world collapsed but after 13 months of chemotherapy, we got the all clear in August 2014.”

Unfortunately this was short lived and Pippa relapsed in January 2015.

Shell said: “Me and Scott decided to get married because we wanted Pippa to be well enough so she could be a flower girl.

Pippa and her family are over the moon

Pippa and her family are over the moon


“We spent most of last year going back and forth for surgery and treatment, she had her fourth operation in December but by this point her cancer was so aggressive they were growing daily.

“Her prognosis awful, she had a few weeks without treatment and perhaps a few months if she had radiotherapy.

“We decided to give her a chance at having more time but after 20 rounds of radiotherapy we had to stop, she was only two rounds off completing but it was restricting her breathing.”

Her helpless parents dreaded every scan as they were so used to having bad news but on 25th July, they were told all the tumours had vanished – miraculously Pippa was cancer free.

Shell added: “We are still on cloud nine, it was only a few weeks ago and it still doesn’t feel real.

“Pippa will face some problems as she grows because of the radiotherapy on her spine but we cannot believe she has just started school like other children her age.

“Doctors think she’s a walking miracle and believe her tumours have been broken down by the radiotherapy she had in December but it just took months for it to work properly.

“It feels incredible to not have the constant worry of time running out with Pippa and we’re enjoying every minute of it.”

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