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Love triangle – Polyamorous couple plan to “polyamorous couple” their girlfriend 

A polyamorous couple – who have two children together – have planned to “marry” their long term girlfriend after creating their very own love triangle.

Matthew and Michelle Catano, met their partner Courtney Catano on a dating site seven years after they married in 2008, and decided to ask her to be their girlfriend.

Pic by Caters News: Matthew Catano with his partners Michelle (l) and Courtney (R).

Courtney, 27, who has already changed her last name to the same as the married couple, and plans on being able to legally adopt the couple’s children, Dario, eight, and Anthony, three.

The trio all live in the same house in Huntington Beach, California, and even sleep in the same bed, with Matthew, 32, claiming that he loves both women equally.

Michelle, 31, mortgage adviser, said: “When Matthew and I first met, we had absolutely no idea that either one of us would be open to a polyamorous relationship.

“We never considered adding someone to the mix until we were married.

“Our relationship has always been incredibly strong, but we thought that by adding someone else in to the mix it would be a fun new element.

Pic by Caters News

“I was searching on a dating website and came across Courtney’s profile, and Matthew and I couldn’t believe how attractive she was.

“We got talking and we soon met up, and we both fell in love with her straight away.”

Seven months after first meeting, Courtney moved in to the family home, and the trio’s relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Courtney even quit her job to become a full-time mum to Dario and Anthony – with both referring to her as ‘mummy’ as well.

Despite the unique situation, the trio claim that they all live harmoniously together, and that their children are happy and aware of the situation.

Pic by Caters News: Matthew Catano with his wife Michelle.

Courtney said: “It wasn’t weird joining Matthew and Michelle’s marriage, and I felt completely at ease with both of them straight away.

“There’s absolutely no jealousy whatsoever between us all, and we make sure to spend our one on one time together as well as individually.

“We’ll explain to the children fully when they’re older why they have two mum’s, but for now they just think they’re the luckiest kids in the world to have three parents!”

Next year the trio claim that they plan to ‘marry’ one another in a commitment ceremony with friends, family, and other polyamorous couples in attendance.

Pic by Caters News: Matthew Catano with his girlfriend Courtney

Courtney also plans on officially adopting the two boys as a co-parent, so the boys can officially have two mothers.

Matthew, who works in the mortgage industry, said: “Even though people are quite skeptical of polyamorous relationships, they run a lot more smoothly than others would think.

“People always assume we’re in an open relationship so we sleep with anyone and everyone, but that’s truly just not the case.

Pic by Caters News

“We’ve made friends with a few like-minded polyamorous couples as well, as they can understand our relationship completely – we even go on triple dates!

“Even though a polyamorous relationship wouldn’t work for everyone, it certainly works for us.”

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