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Make-up artist raises awareness about birthmark after taunts from bullies

A stunning woman with a bruise-like birthmark on her cheek has slammed bullies for taunts about being abused.

Daphne bare faced showing off her birthmark

Daphne bare faced showing off her birthmark


Daphne-Jayne Corrales, 22, from Oahu, Hawaii, has spent years hiding behind a mask full of make-up after being mocked for the port wine stain on her face.

Peers at Daphne’s school would taunt her every day and ask if she was abused at home or if she was contagious.

But now the stunning make-up artist has learnt to embrace her skin after spending hours every day covering the mark up.

She met the love of her life, Colton, 26, two years ago, who finally gave her the confidence to go make-up free and now Daphne is encouraging others to do the same.

Daphne said: “Growing up was very tough as I got bullied over my birthmark constantly at high school.

“People would ask me if I was abused at home as it looks a lot like a bruise from someone hitting me.

“I also got asked a lot if I had a disease and if it was contagious which made me feel depressed all of the time.

Daphne with boyfriend Colton

Daphne with boyfriend Colton


“This one kid took a red marker and started colouring in his right cheek to mock mine and he got the whole class laughing.

“People were really tough to deal with growing up because my port wine stain was a story starter and people just looked at my birthmark and not me.

“I tried to hide it whenever people approached me as I was so self-conscious.

“But now I’ve realised my birthmark makes me who I am, I’ve learnt to love my own skin and I’m not going to hide away anymore.”

After using clever make-up techniques every day to cover her birthmark, Daphne soon became extremely talented which inspired her career.

She now works as both a freelance make-up artist and as a colour consultant.

Daphne said: “Being able to play around with different products, brands, and techniques got me really interested in cosmetics because I really wanted to learn how to cover my birthmark.

“I would practice every day and I grew a huge passion for make-up.

Daphne wants to raise awareness

Daphne wants to raise awareness


“Even though I love doing my own make-up and other peoples, I’m more than happy to show off my birthmark now.

“I’m glad my port wine stain helped launch my career, I’m doing really well in the industry now and love my job.”

Daphne’s partner, Colton, helped boost her confidence meaning she’s no longer self-conscious over her birthmark.

She said: “I’ve been with Colton for two years now and he’s helped give me a huge confidence boost.

“When I met Colton I thought that I should just express myself for who I am and I know I will feel better for doing it.

“He used to tell me every day that I was beautiful inside and out and I guess eventually it stuck in my head.

“I soon realised that my birthmark didn’t define me, it was a part of me and I wouldn’t want to be without it now.

“I did have laser treatment when I was younger but now I’m happy with the way I look.

“I want to encourage other young girls to do the same, don’t be ashamed of your birthmark, you’re better than the bullies.”


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