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Married couple’s inflatable gladiator ‘therapy session’ goes viral after wife’s cheap shot sparks prank war

A married couple’s inflatable gladiator ‘therapy session’ went viral after the wife’s hilarious cheap shot.

As Julie Oakes, 47, and her husband set up a playset for the first time in their home in St Mary’s, Ohio, USA, Mike, 50, began reading the instructions.

Crouching down to get a closer look, Julie lands a quick blow to Mike’s face with one of the inflatable batons leaving him stumbling.


After Mike retaliates, the pair of them throw multiple blows until Julie lands a final hit to her partner of 15 years face leaving them both in fits of laughter. 

Julie said: “We work on a lot of home projects together and we need a bit of play time after the arguing, and stress that comes from working together.

“I cheat, this is a well-known fact.    


“This was a fun moment and we both agreed that we needed it.

“We were so out of breath when we were done laughing and wailing on each other that we were finished after that.”

Mike and Julie have three children together – Miranda, 28, Bryce, 27, and Brandon, 22 – as well as five grandchildren together.

As Brandon is in the navy and two of their grandchildren live in Idaho, the couple started a YouTube channel called MOJO’s Krazy Kitchen to keep them updated with their daily lives.


Julie said: “We didn’t know where this was all going but we were hoping to share our crazy lives like cooking, shenanigans and remodelling.  

“We wanted to inspire people to be happy, to cook and to love their family.  

“We are a real couple that know how to laugh, and if that involves a cheap shot, we are ok with that.”

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