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Meet the man who has spent £350,000 to live in his very own barbie world alongside more than 10,000 of the dolls 

THIS avid toy fan really is living in his own Barbie world after amassing more than 10,000 of the dolls.

Jian Yang’a home has been taken over by his vast collection which he reckons to have spent more than £350,000 on.


The 38-year-old business director even designed his house in Singapore around the huge number of Barbie dolls he owns.

Jian has been buying the toys for more than 30 years – but stopped counting when he reached 9,000.

He said: “I’ve loved Barbie since 1984, when I accidentally opened my sister’s Christmas present.  Great Shape Barbie started it all.

“I’ve been buying Barbie ever since. So I never started ‘collecting’. I just continued buying.


“I would estimate that I have more than 10,000 dolls.  I stopped counting at 9,000.

“I think I have spent over £350,000. But I don’t really want to know.

“I get them from everywhere. I have a regular doll shop in Singapore, but I travel a lot for work and for leisure and I make sure I find dolls everywhere.

“About four years ago my friend Cheryl taught me how to use Instagram and so my page started from there.


“It was always meant to be more of a life photo album, not a doll thing. But somehow it evolved.

“I don’t really have any friends who collect. I must be one of the few collectors who has never been to a convention.

“I’ve never even seen myself as a collector. Just as a guy who likes dolls.

“Honestly I don’t even see the need to find like-minded people who want to “play” dolls. I’ve always seen it as a private thing.

“Anyyone who’s known me for a while knows I’ve always had dolls. To the point it’s not even shocking anymore. It’s become intrinsic to my personality.


“My house is designed around the doll collection by Visual Text Architects, one of the best firms in Singapore, and even they knew that this collection very much defined my design sense.

“I think there will always be a social stigma for guys who collect dolls, and I’m very proud to say I probably don’t fit into any of those stereotypes.

“I don’t have a favourite doll. The most I’ve paid for a doll is about £2,000, but she’s not the most valuable.

“Rarity is also subjective, since many of the dolls I have are one-of-a-kind.”

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