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Mesmerising mermaid maternity shoots

PIC BY @projeto_sereias / CATERS NEWS

These mesmerising maternity mermaid photo shoots have gone viral on Instagram.

Photographer Ulysses Padilha, 44, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has been capturing the unique pregnancy shots for the last year and a half as part of ‘Projeto Sereias’.

The photographer began in November 2015 after buying two mermaid tails in Florida.

And has since snapped 60 people, 15 maternity shoots, on shores across the country – and he even has tails for babies.

PIC BY @projeto_sereias / CATERS NEWS

While the special shoots costs from $250, Ulysses ensures five percent of the proceeds go to environmental preservation.

She said: “I am a lover of the sea and everything that involves beach and marine life.

“Trying to unite the love of the sea and the photography, I have idealised Project Sereias, and I will tell a little of it to you.

“Here in Brazil, everyone loves beach, our beaches are incredible and the city was built between the sea and the mountains, so we have beautiful landscapes here.

PIC BY @projeto_sereias / CATERS NEWS 

“As mermaids are synonyms of beauty, power and seduction, I think that every woman ever dreamed of being a mermaid, I decided to make this dream come true.

“Therefore, my idea of uniting the beauty of the Brazilian woman with the mysteries and charms of the mermaids, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery that we have here in our country.

“I believe that the search for this type of photo shoot, because here in Brazil, everyone loves beach, and beautiful beaches is what we have here in our country.

PIC BY @projeto_sereias / CATERS NEWS 

“Thus, uniting the love for the beach, guests can get away from traditional testing and have very different pictures of what we are used to seeing.”

His Instagram @Projeto_sereias has more than 26,000 followers.

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