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Mum beats incredible odds and gives birth to two sets of identical triplets


A mum has beaten odds of more than 100,000 to one – and and has given birth to her second set of identical twins.

Simone's twin girls, Evie and Georgia

Simone’s twin girls, Evie and Georgia


Simone Burstow, 32, from Brisbane, Australia gave birth to identical twin boys, Oliver and Harrison, in 2012.

But Simone and her husband John, 30, were stunned when they found out that they were expecting their second set of identical twins earlier this year.

Delighted, and a little shocked by the news, the family prepared for the new arrivals and had to extend their family home in order to accommodate for the girls.

On September 4, the family finally welcomed their twin girls, Evie Alexandra and Georgia Grace, both weighing just over 4lbs each, who were born 20 minutes apart.

Simone, a medical sales executive, said: “John and I were in complete shock when we found out we were having our second set of twins, I was laughing and crying all at the same time.

“Our obstetrician told us the chances of having two sets of identical twins were one in 100,000, so we joked about having twins again but never thought it could possibly happen to us.

Simone while pregnant and with her husband and twin boys right

Simone while pregnant and with her husband and twin boys right


“Having coped with new born twins before we have found it a lot easier this time around, we kept a lot of the boy’s furniture but had to upgrade our car to a van to fit everyone in.

“Having four young children can be very overwhelming when I am on my own, but the boys have been great and are really patient, they are fascinated by their little sisters.

“We had a DNA test once the boys were born to see if they were identical, but with the girls we knew when I was pregnant that they were as they were sharing a placenta and all twins sharing a placenta are identical.

“We are trying to be a little more organised this time, John is taking the reins with Oliver and Harrison and I am concentrating on the girls.

“The bond the boys have is so special and we can’t wait to see the relationships the girls will have, it’s so lovely to know they will always be there for each other.

“At this point we are happy with the size of our family and aren’t planning on having more kids, even though it would be interesting to see if we would end up with twins a third time around.”

John shows Oliver and Harrison their baby sister, Georgia

John shows Oliver and Harrison their baby sister, Georgia


Simone and John first found out they were expecting twin boys in 2011 and prepared their home for their unexpected arrivals.

She added: “We were definitely thrown in the deep end with the boys, it was very overwhelming but our family have been an amazing support system and are always on hand to help out.

“After the boys I had an ectopic pregnancy and one of my fallopian tubes was removed so I assumed it would take longer to conceive, but after trying for two months I quickly fell pregnant.

“I had an early scan and the obstetrician found two heart beats, he looked at me and I knew something was up but when he told me it was twins I couldn’t stop laughing.

“John wasn’t with me but when I rang to tell him the news he couldn’t believe it but was so excited, it was really nice to that have reassurance.

“We were in the process of building a house and had to call the builders to see if they could make the house any bigger, luckily we were able to extend a bedroom so we could fit two cots in the one room.”

Evie and Georgia are the family's second set of twins

Evie and Georgia are the family’s second set of twins


With her second pregnancy Simone experienced a lot more sickness and knew it was a little risker as the girls shared a placenta, while her boys didn’t.

Simone was induced two weeks early on September 4 and after a four hour labour gave birth naturally to Evie and Georgia.

Simone said: “Evie was born first and I had her on my chest as I delivered Georgia, it was such a lovely experience.

“Luckily we had kept a lot of the boy’s furniture but have had to swap our car for a van so we can fit everyone in, which has taken some getting used to.

“We have found the girls more identical than the boys so we’ve kept their hospital bands on just to make sure we know who is who.

“Their head shapes are a little bit different and that’s what I’m using, but John is always asking which one he has.

“The obstetrician joked that we should try again next year to see if we would have a third set of twins, but at the moment we are enjoying the family we have.”

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