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Mum claims contraceptive implant ‘ruined her life’ after horror side effects

A mum-of-three claims her contraceptive implant has ruined her life after experiencing horrific side effects. 

Nadi Nour, 41, had the controversial sterilisation device Essure implanted into her fallopian tubes back in 2010 – and claims that since then her life has been a living hell.

The sales consultant from Adelaide, South Australia, said she began looking into sterilisation following the birth of her third child – and preferred the Essure implant over a hysterectomy due to the short recovery period.

PIC FROM Nadi Nour / Caters News

The Essure implant is a permanent contraceptive device comprised of a metal coil which is inserted into the fallopian tubes in order to generate scar tissue, which blocks sperm from reaching the egg.

But since having the procedure, Nadi claims she has been living a nightmare as she battles the side effects – such as 30kg weight gain, monthly bladder infections, incontinence, depression, migraines, chronic fatigue, cramping, reduced libido, as well as severe pain after sex.

She said: “It has ruined my life completely and I really regret ever having it done.

“Each day has becoming a living hell because of these horrible side effects.

“At the time, it seemed like the best option for me. I already had three beautiful girls and I didn’t want anymore.

“I talked a friend who had the implant too, and she recommended it to me.

PIC FROM Nadi Nour / Caters News

“I decided to talk to my doctor. It seemed better than a hysterectomy because there was little to no recovery period.

“It sounded perfect. They just said it was a titanium rod that would stop me from ever getting pregnant.

“The procedure itself was fine. But in the months following I began noticing symptoms.

“I began gaining loads of weight. My diet and activity level hadn’t changed, so I was really baffled.

“In just three months I’d gained 10 kilos, which went up to 30kg in the 18 months following the procedure.

“I was doing everything right and there was no reason for me to be piling on the weight. It was so depressing. 

“I’ve also become severely incontinent following the implant. Even after three kids, I never had problems with bladder control.

PIC FROM Nadi Nour / Caters News

“But after getting Essure I’m worried all the time that I might wet myself. It’s just so embarrassing. I’m scared to laugh or sneeze.

“Sex has become a nightmare. I’ve lost my libido and it’s so painful for me now after sex.

“I was someone who used to really enjoy that aspect of my life. But now I feel like it’s been ruined for me.

“I’m so fatigued all the time and get these debilitating migraines.”

Nadi said she has contacted her doctor about removing the implant – but claims the waiting list is at least nine months.

The mum is also planning to join hundreds of other Australian women who have registered to be part of the proposed class action against Bayer – the drug manufacturer of Essure.

Nadi said: “I wish I knew about this before getting it implanted inside of me. Now all I want is for it to be out.

“My doctor said it will be at least nine months before I can get it removed. I just need it gone.

PIC FROM Nadi Nour / Caters News

“I’m in pain every day and it’s affected every aspect of my life. I just want to get back to normal.

“I want to have my life back.”

According to reports the Essure implant has come under fire in recent months after Australian law firm Slater and Gordon announced a proposed class action against the device’s manufacturer Bayer in August – which would follow similar lawsuits in the US, Canada and Scotland.

Slater and Gordon have claimed the action comes following an onslaught of complaints from hundreds of Australian women who claim to have experienced adverse side effects from the Essure implant.

A spokesperson for Bayer said: “At Bayer we take our social and corporate responsibilities very seriously and we make the health and wellbeing of our patients, and the integrity of all of our products, an absolute priority.

“Patient safety is of the utmost importance to Bayer, and we are always saddened to hear of anyone experiencing an adverse event with any medical device. 

PIC FROM Nadi Nour / Caters News

“Essure was developed by Conceptus Inc. and placed on the Australian market in compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) requirements. 

“While it was on the market Essure was maintained and updated in accordance with all Health Authority requirements to ensure the label reflected all current safety information and that information was distributed to healthcare professionals in a timely manner.

“Bayer discontinued the distribution of Essure in Australia in August 2017 due to a low and declining trend in patient preference for this choice of permanent contraception.

“Essure is supported by an extensive body of research, including more than 40 published studies involving more than 200,000 patients worldwide over the past 20 years.

“Women who currently have Essure in place may continue to use the device, and Bayer will continue to support healthcare providers in their management of these patients.

“The company will continue to offer a range of long-acting reversible contraceptives and short-acting oral contraceptives in Australia.”

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