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Mum films teenage son’s violent seizure in desperate attempt to raise awareness for crippling epilepsy 

A desperate mum has filmed her son enduring a violent seizure to raise awareness for his crippling epilepsy. 

Kelly Drammeh, 34, decided to share the video of her son, Cameron, 14, on Monday, June 11, in a bid to show others his severe epileptic fits. 

Her video – which shows Cameron lying on the floor during a violent seizure at his home – has since gone viral after being shared thousands of times online.  


After being diagnosed aged seven, doctors have struggled to control Cameron’s seizures and he is now enduring them almost every week. 

Kelly – who has been told by doctors that her son’s only option is to continue increasing his epilepsy drug dosage – is hoping her film will help show others what epilepsy is and how it affects lives. 

Cameron has split open his chin twice and has even broken his ankle as his epilepsy continues to worsen. 

Kelly, a full time mum-of-four, from Leeds said: “I hated filming Cameron on Monday and it wasn’t an easy decision when I decided to post it online. 

“But I knew it was the best way to show others how epilepsy affects Cameron’s life. 

“He doesn’t go any longer than 10 days without having a seizure and they can strike at any time. 

“There’s no warning signs that they’re about to start he just drops down like a light switch and begins fitting. 

“I’m terrified every time he leaves the house that he will end up hurting himself or that he won’t get the care he needs. 


“The other day someone tried to prise open his jaw with a set of keys as he had gritted his teeth together, I know the man was only trying to help but he could have broken his jaw. 

“I want the public to know that if they see someone having a fit they need to ensure they are in the recovery position and to call for an ambulance. 

“And as long as they can’t hurt themselves in the location they have fallen it’s best to leave them until the seizure has finished. 

“I’m hoping that although the video is distressing that it raises awareness for what we’re going through.”

Cameron’s fits were under control from June 2016 but by February this year his health took a turn for the worse.

Kelly added: “I always prayed he’d grow out of it but the older he gets the more obvious it is that he won’t. 

“He’s at the age where he wants to go out with his friends but he can’t really do that at the moment as we never know when he’ll have a fit. 


“Cameron could have two fits in two days or he could none for 10 days but they leave him feeling exhausted. 

“I wish there was more available for Cameron as at the moment we’re having to wait around for doctors to figure out the right dosage. 

“I have done some research into cannabis oil and how the drug helps those with epilepsy, it’s frustrating that it’s still illegal as there’s no doubt it would help. 

“Cameron has no memories of his seizures afterwards but will often sleep for two hours afterwards as his body recovers.”

Cameron has suffered countless accidents while having seizures – and has even broken his leg. 

Kelly said: “Cameron was on his scooter at the top of a hill when he had a seizure and ended up falling down it and breaking his ankle. 

“He has suffered awful facial injuries too and has split his chin open twice in the past few weeks, he even has a bandage on it now. 

“I know this video isn’t the nicest thing to witness but as his mum I know more awareness is needed so research can be improved.”

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