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Mum horrified to realise she’d put on seven stone during pregnancy but now she’s shed equivalent weight of a 12 year old

By Mollie Mansfield 
A new mum has shared her secrets behind her incredible post baby body – despite putting on the equivalent amount of weight as a 12 YEAR OLD during her pregnancy.Anna-Marie Cunnell, 31, took the idea of eating for two to the extreme when she piled on more than SEVEN STONE during her pregnancy – leaving her with a size 22 post-baby bod.

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Her pregnancy take away cravings left her still looking pregnant after she gave birth to seven and a half pound baby Jacob – and she was horrified to realise that she’d put the weight of an average 12 year old child – never mind a baby.

The estate agent, from Ipswich, Suffolk, spent nine months wolfing down takeaways and family-sized chocolate bars – and thought she would ping back to her pre-pregnancy size 10 figure.

Anna Marie said: “As soon as I realised I wanted to lose the weight, I decided to join slimming world.

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“But also as soon as I started losing the weight I could feel myself getting more active too.

“Instead of sitting on the sofa and ordering takeaways I could get up and make food, and that helped me to keep on-track.

“Also I had more energy, I was less tired and achy, so I lost weight from moving more too.”

Anna-Marie decided that she wanted to lose her weight after realising that after giving birth to Jacob, the bump didn’t seem to go away.

She added: “As soon as Jacob was born I realised that I still had the belly.

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“I never had a massive bump when I was pregnant with Jacob, I was just more round than anything.

“I put on weight everywhere, not just my stomach – my face and arms gained weight too, it definitely wasn’t just the pregnancy.

“After he was born I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror or take photos because I didn’t want to see myself, I didn’t like what I saw.

“I knew it was time to change, not just for myself but to be healthy for my kids as well.”

Once her little boy was born she decided it was time to shift the weight again, and after reaching over 18 stone after giving birth to her son, is now a slender 11 stone 8 pounds.

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Anna-Marie said: “I’d eat absolutely anything that I could pass off as cravings, everyone would say that I was just getting bigger because I was pregnant – but I knew it wasn’t just that.

“I’d eat Burger King at least twice a week and two or three other takeaways on top of that, with a sharing bar of Fruit and Nut for dessert, and something with custard.

“It got to the point where I found it hard to stand a lot of the time because I had back and leg problems because of my weight, so I opted for convenience.

“As soon as Jacob was born I knew that I wanted to lose the weight.

“I was conscious that my two older children would feel embarrassed of me in the playground.

“I didn’t want them to think I stood out from everyone else.

“And I wanted to join in with parent races, but I wouldn’t be able to if I was still that big.”

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However, despite trying to lose the weight just two weeks after Jacob was born, it took her six months to really stick to her diet.

She added: “For some reason I struggled to lose the weight at first.

“I kept on starting to lose weight but then I’d gain it back on really quickly, so it just wasn’t working for me.

“But then when I got into it, it only took me ten months to lose nearly six stone.

“I didn’t want to be struggling in the summer months either with how hot it gets.

“I didn’t want to cover up, I used to only wear leggings and cardigans during summer and I felt I couldn’t wear any summer clothes.

“But now that’s all changed, I feel good in my body and I’ve accepted and love how I look.”

Pic from Caters News


Breakfast – White bread with lots of butter and peanut butter.

Lunch – Sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar or Burger King.

Tea – Pizza, chips, or donor kebab and chips from takeaway.

Snacks – Chocolate bars, ice-cream, puddings with custard.


Breakfast – Slimming world waffles with fruit.

Lunch – Salad with chicken.

Tea- a homemade burger and side salad.

Snacks – Fruit, or Hartley’s jelly pot.

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