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Mum shrinks waist to 21 inches ahead of £15k rib removal surgery to complete Barbie transformation 

A mum has shrunk her waist to 21 inches ahead of her £15k rib removal surgery to complete her Barbie transformation. 

Kerry Miles, 34, wears a waist trainer – a corset designed to shrink her waistline – for five hours every day in a desperate attempt to gain a svelte figure like her doll idol. 

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With the average UK waist being 30 inches, Kerry has managed to shrink hers to just 21 inches after months of dedicated dieting, wearing her waist trainer and daily exercise. 

But Kerry hasn’t finished yet, she is planning to shrink her waist by another three inches and has even saved £15,000 for surgery to have six ribs removed. 

Kerry – who is a self-confessed surgery addict – has already undergone two nose jobs and two breast enlargement taking her from a 32C to a 28H.

The full time mum, from Chelmsford, Essex, added: “I hated not having curves and being straight up and down. 

“I started wearing my waist trainer at the start of this year as I wanted to shrink my waist. 

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“It started at around 26 inches and in just a few months I have managed to shrink it by five inches. 

“I’m not happy with the results yet though as Barbie has a very small waist and I need to lose a few more inches yet. 

“I have been obsessed with Barbie since I was a teenager but it was only five years ago that I started to dress like her too. 

“Next year I’m planning on having six ribs removed so I can get the ultimate small waist. 

“I like to look plastic and being curvy like Barbie is all part of my transformation. 

“Wearing the waist trainer is uncomfortable but I make sure I make it even smaller each week by tying it even tighter.”

Kerry – who has a teenager daughter – has been warned of the health implications linked to having her ribs removed. 

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She added: “I have been told that ribs aren’t supposed to be removed and it’s not something UK surgeons will perform due to the dangers. 

“It could damage my organs and cause lots of complications later down the line but I think it’s a risk worth taking. 

“I’m the UK’s real life Barbie and I’ll never stop perfecting myself to look more like her each year. 

“I follow a very strict diet of just chicken, fish and brown rice with salad to ensure I keep my size 4 figure. 

“I also run eight miles every day with my dog to ensure I stay in shape. 

“Each month I top up my face with fillers too so I stay looking youthful.”

Kerry says she has been praised for her small waist online after posting photos of her shrinking frame. 

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She said: “There has been a lot of people asking how I have managed to get my waist to 21 inches after seeing my photos on social media. 

“I try and give others all the tips and advice I follow so they can try and get the body of their dreams too.”

Kerry has been researching where to have her rib removal online and hopes to fly to either Turkey or the US for surgery next year. 

She said: “I’ll use the surgery as an opportunity to have a holiday at the same time. 

“I cannot wait to have the surgery, there’s only one UK Barbie and it’s me. 

“I’ll stop at no lengths to ensure I look just like Barbie and one day I will have the exact same figure.”

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