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One guy has took on Britain’s biggest ice cream sundae containing more than 10,000 calories


This mammoth ice cream sundae will certainly help you beat the heat – but it contains more than 10,000 calories and a month’s worth of sugar.

Liam with the 10.000 calorie ice cream

Liam with the 10.000 calorie ice cream


Desert restaurant, Teddylicious, in Erdington, West Midls, set up the huge challenge to help hot and bothered locals beat the heat – but the feast includes 25 scoops of ice cream, waffles, flakes, wafers, strawberries, and bananas.

The entire dessert is then covered in lashings of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla syrup as well as sprinkles and cherries.

Restaurant Manager, Iby Yasin, 31, spends half an hour putting each dessert together with his staff.

Iby said: “We have put together milkshake challenges before but nothing on this scale at all.

The store manager preparing the sundae

The store manager preparing the sundae


“People have also attempted waffle challenges in our store, but because it’s so hot at the moment, we thought a mega ice cream challenge would be good.

“I’m not even sure 10 people could have finished it.”

Liam Bolland, 21, from Ipswich, took on the gigantic eating challenge, dubbed the Teddy Full House, but was defeated after eating just over half of the pudding in 25 minutes.

Liam said: “It was without a doubt the largest portion of any dessert I have ever seen, let alone tasted.

Liam only managed to eat half of the sundae

Liam only managed to eat half of the sundae


“Everyone in the store was in shock and people who walked by couldn’t believe the size of the sundae.

“I’ve taken part in challenges before but this was my first dessert challenge and it’s safe to say that I was defeated by the pudding.

“I honestly don’t think any man in the world could have finished it – even in this heat.”


26 ice cream scoops of different flavours including bubble-gum – 4950 calories/650 grams of sugar
12 Jaffa cakes – 540 calories/6.4 grams of sugar
7 waffles with extra sugar and sprinkles – 1281 calories/80 grams of sugar
4 flakes – 684 calories/70 grams of sugar
7 jammy dodgers – 595 calories/34.3 grams of sugar
Sprinkles – 40 calories/0.4 grams of sugar
Syrup – 200 calories/ 0.2 grams of sugar
Cherries – 150 calories/1.5 grams of sugar
6 strawberries with sugar – 300 calories/7.8 grams of sugar
2 bananas with syrup – 300 calories/34 grams of sugar
Millions – 367 calories/10 grams of sugar
5 wafers – 610 calories/15 grams of sugar

TOTAL: 10,017 calories/909.6 grams of sugar

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