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Ready to pop! Heavily pregnant fitness fanatic shares intense workout

A heavily pregnant fitness fanatic has shared her workout routine, which includes weight lifting and burpees.

Nancy Anderson, 32, has shared footage of what her workout consisted of when she was 9-months pregnant and ready to pop.

Combining squatting a massive 52KG alongside several sets of press ups – this yummy mummy is giving no excuses when it comes to working out.

Despite receiving mixed reactions from strangers, Nancy, from Santa Ana, California, reveals that this is the second pregnancy that she has worked out during.

Nancy, 32, said: “My pregnancy was a breeze and by having good nurtition and a fitness routine I felt great the whole time.

“I was able to control weight gain, avoid aches and pains while giving my baby and myself countless benefits that come from having a fit pregnancy.

“I did the exact same with my first born and he is a strong and healthy two-year-old who is thriving at home and in school.

“But I do get mixed reactions over my videos – people who are not as educated on the topic tend to be hateful, negative and scared of seeing my videos.

“But those who are educated on the science and research behind pregnancy fitness know that what I am doing is not only safe but provides benefits for the baby – so they are positive and supportive.”

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