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Editors PickBrave 8-year-old brain tumour patient declared all-clear after stormtroopers surprised him with radiation therapy mask painted as favourite Star Wars character

‘They don’t see his disability, just his smile!’ – Rainbow baby with down syndrome dubbed ‘Smiley Riley’ melts hearts as a model

 A rainbow baby born with Down Syndrome been dubbed ‘Smiley Riley’ has been melting hearts as a model. Riley Baxter, four, from Rochester, Kent, has already been the face of a Mothercare advert, the Jools Oliver Little Bird range and more. His parents Stuart and Kirsty, 40 and 42, initially feared how their son would be treated by the world after being diagnosed, worrying that people would see his disabilities rather than his abilities. But since joining support groups, they have been amazed by not only little Riley’s progress, but society’s too with ev... Read More >>

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Stunning woman with vitiligo defies bullies who claim she is ‘trying to be white’  after losing pigment in face to become model

A stunning woman with vitiligo has defied negative comments from people who claimed she was ‘tr... Read More >>

Woman who underwent pioneering surgery to have vagina rebuilt from bowel now set to have womb transplant to become mum

 A woman who underwent pioneering surgery to have her vagina rebuilt using her BOWEL is now wa... Read More >>

Irish teenager told she’s ‘too tall’ to become model defies bullies to walk at London Fashion Week

An Irish teenager who was told she was 'too tall' to become a model has defied the bullies to walk... Read More >>

Stunning mum who had sex six times a day claims cancer ruined her love life and left her single

 A stunning mum who used to have sex six times a day claims her hysterectomy ruined her lov... Read More >>

Leader of the rack! Dancer spends £7k buying herself a boob job for valentine’s day in the hope to become a professional cheerleader

 A dancer has spent £7,000 gifting herself D-cup breasts for Valentine’s Day in the hope of becoming a professional cheerleader.  Former B-cup Taylor Czernohus, 23, from Houston, Texas, hopes to b... Read More >>

Real life Rapunzel thanks spoonful of peanut butter for 5ft 6inch blonde hair

 A woman dubbed the real life Rapunzel has thanked peanut butter for her ankle length mane. Andrea Stano, 34, who has 5ft 6in long hair, claims the key to keeping her beautiful bouffant in pristine co... Read More >>

Globetrotting terminal dad completes £40k bucket list and visits 18 countries in bid to create lifetime of memories

A terminally ill dad has completed his £40,000 bucket list in a bid to create a lifetime of memories. Richard Preston, 49, was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumour - known as a glioblastoma multiforme - ... Read More >>

Superfit dad who shed ten stone now confused for being in his 20s after going from a ‘beer belly’ and ‘man boobs’ to muscular

 A dad who shed to ten stone [140lb] is now confused for being in his 20s after going from a ‘beer belly’ and ‘man boobs’ to muscular. Shimmy Godwin Mekbeb, 40, from Tampa, Florida, weighed... Read More >>

Postman pap – Travelling photographer snaps Britain’s most intriguing and remote post boxes

When it comes to far-off photography projects, this snapper's works have certainly DELIVERED - as he travelled to some of Britain's most beautiful and remote post boxes. From vibrant red inserts on the si... Read More >>

Lonely hearts club! Letterboxes pop up over country to let strangers post valentines cards to lonely people

 A collection of letterboxes have popped up over the country to allow strangers to post Valentine's Day cards to lonely people. The small red post boxes, which are decorated in love hearts and roses h... Read More >>

A young man has decided to bare all to become a naked household cleaner – and he says business is booming.

A young man has decided to bare all to become a naked household cleaner - and he says business is booming. Daniel Aitken, 26, started his new business just two weeks ago after first proposing the idea as ... Read More >>

Stunning fitness fanatic looks unrecognisable after dropping 13 stone

  A stunning fitness fanatic looks unrecognisable after dropping 13 STONE by ditching her £50 per day fast food addiction.  Alysha McNair, 21, weighed over 27 stone at her heaviest after her eating... Read More >>

Retired priest who married toy boy 50 years younger claims he’s happier than ever despite living 1500 miles apart

A retired priest who married his toy boy - 50 years his junior - claims he's happier than ever despite the pair living 1500 miles apart. Philip Clements, 80, married Florin Marin, 25, in 2017, after the p... Read More >>

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