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Editors PickObese 25 Stone Mum Looks Unrecognisable After Dropping Half Body Weight Thanks To Gruelling Gym Workouts

Real Life Rapunzel! Woman With 4ft 6in Hair Hasn’t Cut Her Hair For 30 Years

 A real-life Rapunzel who hasn't cut her hair since she was a little girl now has tresses that are as long as she is tall. Balvinder Kaur, 35, hasn't had a proper haircut for almost 30 years - and admits it takes her 15 minutes just to run a brush through her hair. She regularly trims the split ends to keep her hair looking healthy - and now has thousands of Instagram followers who love the pictures of her luscious locks. Balvinder, from India, said: “People call me Real Rapunzel. “They appreciate my hair and ask me how to grow healthy hair and how do I ... Read More >>

Keep On Running! Meet The Uk’s Fastest Backwards Runner

 Runner Shantelle Gaston-Hird gets some funny looks when she trains for her latest race in her... Read More >>

Paralympic Record Holder Sails The Oceans Donating Prosthetics To Third World Amputees

 A former Paralympic champion is sailing the oceans donating prosthetic legs to disabled peopl... Read More >>

“Doctors Warned My Heart Would Fail On Flight” – Skeletal Woman Beats Eating Disorder After Five Year Battle

A skeletal woman - who was warned by doctors that her heart would fail if she boarded a flight - h... Read More >>

Determined Teenager Thanks Sperm Donor For Dream Baby After Undergoing IVF Aged 18

A determined teenager has thanked a sperm donor for her dream baby after undergoing IVF. Samara D... Read More >>

Mamma Meow-a! Moggy Who Became Obsessed With Italian Fare Diagnosed With Strange Condition

 Mamma meow-a! A worried pet owner discovered her cat had a strange condition after the cat became c with Italian treats such as pizza, pasta and mog-zarella. Michelle Townley, from Swindon, Wiltshire... Read More >>

For Thriftier, For Poorer! Bargain Bride Plans Wedding For Less Than £1,500 So Poorly Grandad Could Walk Her Down The Aisle

 This bargain bride planned her entire wedding for less than £1,500 – so her poorly grandad could walk her down the aisle. Thrifty Adele Byng, 29, put her initial dreams of a lavish wedding abroad ... Read More >>

Stunning Personal Trainer Whose Rare Condition Caused Her To Fall Asleep 16 Times A Day Reveals She’s Often Mistake For A Drunk

 A woman who was constantly mistaken for a drunk because of a rare sleep condition has revealed that she's managed to control the condition - by becoming a personal trainer. Belle Hutt, 24, was diagno... Read More >>

Barking Mad Woman Adopts 22 Rescue Dogs To Live At Her Home – And She Spends £400 On Food Per Month Alone

A dog-lover now owns 22 pooches after adopting them from across the UK to live at her home. Becky Shuttleworth, 33, a dog trainer for a local rescue centre, she has ended up with 22 pooches at her home in... Read More >>

Al-paca My Doctor’s Bag: Therapist Works Alongside Herd Of 40 Alpacas – Who Help De-stress Anxious Clients

 This therapist uses a squadron of more than 40 alpacas to de-stress her clients dealing with trauma and anxiety. Victoria Barrett, 55, from Worcester, has been a trained counsellor for more than 2... Read More >>

“Is He Really Mine?” Teenager Who Suffers With Epilepsy Bursts Into Tears Of Happiness After Receiving Surprise Support Dog

 A teenager who suffers from epilepsy burst into tears of happiness after receiving a surprise support dog. As Summer Shott was surrounded by family and friends in Raynes Park, London, on April 14, li... Read More >>

Mum’s Desperate Plea For New Heart For ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Tot Unlikely To Live To Second Birthday Unless Donor Organ Found

 A mum has issued a desperate plea as her son is unlikely to make it to his second birthday – unless a new heart can be found for him. Little 13-month-old Grayson Heagren was diagnosed with rare hea... Read More >>

Parents Of Nine-year-old Born With Fast Growing Strawberry Birthmark Hail Blood Pressure Tablets For Grapefruit-sized Mass Disappearing

The parents of a nine-year-old born with a strawberry birthmark say that BLOOD PRESSURE tablets caused the grapefruit-sized mass to disappear. Jean Lambert, 38, and her husband, Michael, 39, first thought... Read More >>

Couple Quit Jobs, Sell Possessions And Live In A Van

A creative couple have sold all their possessions, quit their jobs and moved into a converted van. Brigette Roper, 30, and her boyfriend Theo Gove-Humphries, 30, bought a plot of land in Portugal where th... Read More >>

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