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Editors PickBrave 8-year-old brain tumour patient declared all-clear after stormtroopers surprised him with radiation therapy mask painted as favourite Star Wars character

Britain finest! One of UK’s last fighter aces vows to live to 100 so he can fly in his beloved plane last time 

 One of Britain’s last Second World War fighter aces says that he’s determined to reach his 100th birthday so he can fly his beloved Spitfire for a final time. Squadron Leader, Allan Scott, is one of the last remaining UK aces left alive and is the only one still living from the Battle of Malta.  With 13 confirmed enemy kills, the steely pensioner from Witney, Oxfordshire, later became a test pilot, flying the supersonic English Electric Lightning. And despite his age, the 97-year-old is still a fan of danger and enjoys spins in his beloved Mercedes sports... Read More >>

Woman speaks out after ‘Phantom of the Opera’ birthmark is confused for halloween make-up

A woman has spoken out after her ‘Phantom of the Opera’ birthmark was confused for Halloween m... Read More >>

Look hoof it is! Uk’s first guide horse is treated to big day out in London for red carpet awards ceremony – before scooping top prize 

 The UK’s first guide horse was the mane attraction on the streets of the capital when he wa... Read More >>

Incredible footage of underwater weightlifting

This strong free diver found some weights while underwater and decided to see if he can lift them.... Read More >>

The most travelled man on earth has been travelling for more than 40 years – and been to all 195 countries more than twice

A sexagenarian has been dubbed as ‘the most travelled person in the world’ after visiting all 195 countries more than twice in the past 40 years. Babis Bizas, 64, from Arta, Greece, started backpack... Read More >>

Tot-too artist: Girl follows in father’s footsteps by becoming tattoo artist at the age of six

 This young girl is following in her father’s footsteps having become a tattoo artist at just SIX YEARS OLD.  Noko Nishigaki, now 9, has built a growing list of clients and often uses her father’s s... Read More >>

Scarred cancer survivor left looking like ‘monster’ because she couldn’t afford plastic surgery ‘fixes’ own face for £150

A scarred cancer survivor left looking like a MONSTER because she couldn’t afford £5,000 plastic surgery spent four years studying to fix her own face – for just £150. Charlie Battisson, from Walsal... Read More >>

Miracle triplets go chocolate cake mad for second birthday after parents spend £60k on dream family

 These miracle triplets are celebrating their second birthday in chocolate cake style after their parents spent £60,000 on IVF.  With chocolate cake all over their faces, Amelie, Maya-Albertine, ... Read More >>

Here comes the wide! Wedding photo shocks obese mum into shedding seven stone (100lb) to become a figure competitor

A mum has shed a staggering seven stone (100lb) to become a figure competitor thanks to a shocking wedding photo that helped her realise she was obese. Rachel Krebs, 32, from Bellingham, Washington, USA, ... Read More >>

Wheelchair-bound personal trainer is ultimate fit-spiration – and now he’s helping other disabled people to find their sporting passions too

 This man didn’t let a severe spinal injury stop him from pursing his sporting passions – and now he works as a personal trainer to inspire others with disabilities into active lifestyles.  ‘Mi... Read More >>

Rebel great-grandma, 77, spends £2,000 on 16 tattoos since husband passed away – including a tribute to him

 A rebellious 77-year-old great-grandmother has spent £2,000 on 16 tattoos covering her body since her husband died - including a tribute to him. Glenys ‘the Menace’ Coope, 77, saves up the money... Read More >>

Nurse left with grapefruit sized bald patch on scalp hair looks unrecognisable thanks to pioneering head mesh

A nurse who was left with a grapefruit sized baldpatch after pulling out clumps of hair from her scalp now looks unrecognisbale thanks to a pioneering head mesh. Siobhan Kenny, 48, from Downton, South Wil... Read More >>

Therapy dog who lost all four paws after being disposed of in a dumpster has been crowned America’s most heroic dog

 A therapy dog who lost all four paws after being disposed of tied up in a rubbish bag inside a dumpster has been crowned America’s most heroic dog. Golden Retriever Chi Chi was left for dead in Sou... Read More >>

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