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National Adoption Day: Family make emotional bid to bring 6-year adoption saga to an end by bringing home boy orphaned after Haiti earthquakes

 On the eve of National Adoption Day (November 17), a family are making an emotional bid to finally bring back an orphaned boy they ‘fell in love with’ during a medical mission trip to Haiti in 2012.  When a magnitude earthquake of 7.0 struck the city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti, in 2010, devastation and a humanitarian crisis followed in its wake. But two years later, when pediatric nurse Brenda Tobey flew to the capital to offer her vital services, a heart-breaking encounter in an overflowing orphanage would solidify an unbreakable bond.  Placing a six-we... Read More >>

Bride and daughter’s secret pregnancy reveal during wedding reception after walking down the aisle with ‘two hearts beating with love’ 

 A bride and her daughter staged an incredible secret pregnancy reveal after she walked dow... Read More >>

Obese 131kg KFC addict sheds half body weight to travel the worldObese 131kg KFC addict sheds half body weight to travel the world

A formerly obese 131kg KFC addict who would have secret daily 2000-calorie binges in her car has... Read More >>

Stunning woman forced to tell strangers she ‘doesn’t have cancer’ after shaving head

A stunning woman has been forced to tell strangers she 'doesn't have cancer' after shaving her hea... Read More >>

A mum desperate to never age hopes to prevent butt from sagging thanks to unusual spider web procedure

A mum who is desperate to never age is hoping to prevent her butt from sagging thanks to an unusua... Read More >>

Artist painstakingly creates giant portraits of celebrities using hundreds of twisted rubik’s cubes

 This talented artist has a rather unique way of bringing to life his vibrant celebrity portraits - creating them using hundreds of individually twisted RUBIK'S CUBES. To date, Giovanni Contardi ha... Read More >>

‘The world’s most travelled dog’: After tragedy struck an adorable puppy helped heal the heart of adventurer – and now they travel the world together

 When tragedy struck for this adventurer, an adorable puppy helped to mend his heart – and now they travel the world together.  For 10 years, Andrew Muse has been using the open road as his homeste... Read More >>

Aussie dad proudly takes wife’s surname – and encourages other men to get on board

An Australian husband has bucked tradition by taking his wife's surname after their marriage - and is now calling on other men to do the same. After tying the knot with the love of his life in June 2014, ... Read More >>

Is this UK’s loneliest woman? Mum with no friends visits supermarkets to chat to strangers 

 A mum-of-three has dubbed herself one of the loneliest women in the UK after making no friends for over a decade and visiting supermarkets just to chat to strangers.  Emily Fox, 32, is sharing her e... Read More >>

You don’t want to be what you eat – Museum celebrates the world’s most disgusting foods

 When it comes to these delicacies, you perhaps don't want to be what you eat - as they feature in a museum dedicated to the MOST DISGUSTING FOODS IN THE WORLD. From bull penis to frog juice, the aptl... Read More >>

Caveman and woman! Couple live as ‘modern stone age people’ – eating bugs and wearing rabbit fur

A couple live as ‘modern Stone Age people’ – eating bugs and wearing clothes made of rabbit fur to impersonate cavemen. Naomi Walmsley, 36, and husband Dan Westall, 38, dress in full Paleolitihic de... Read More >>

Stunning teenager branded ‘monster’ for 6ft 7inch height defies bullies to become model

A stunning teenager - who was branded a 'monster' for being 6ft 7inch tall -  has defied the bullies to become a model. Aeva Andersson, 19, has battled years of relentless comments for being th... Read More >>

Pregnant mum claims she was fat shamed by midwife

An expectant mother claims she was FAT SHAMED by a midwife who allegedly told her to lose weight and diet at 21 weeks pregnant. Mum-of-four Karene Eggleton said she felt ‘happy and healthy’ going for ... Read More >>

Spectacular moment volcano erupts and spits massive bubbles of mud in Azerbaijan

BY SHWETA SHARMA This is the incredible moment a tiny volcano erupts with a huge splash of mud. Turkish travel addict Murat Özbilgi filmed the spectacular scene while on a visit to the mud volca... Read More >>

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