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Professional bridesmaid lifts lid on bridezilla requests after two years on the job

 A professional bridesmaid has lifted the lid on the bridezilla requests she has received since starting her business two years ago. From being told to spy on a stag do in Ibiza to dying her hair so she matches the other bridesmaids, Tiffany Wright, 36, has heard it all. After starting her job as a professional bridesmaid back in 2016 – she has since encountered some bizarre requests after attending around 50 weddings of both clients and friends. Tiffany – who now boasts a huge collection of bridesmaid dresses – has earned a small fortune after charging u... Read More >>

Dwarf bodybuilder with big dreams – and even bigger muscles – set for stage success

 A dwarf bodybuilder with big dreams - and even bigger muscles - is set for huge success after... Read More >>

Round to ripped! Determined dad loses ten stone (137lb) for New Year’s Resolution after being fat shamed online

 A determined dad has gone from round to ripped from losing ten stone for a New Year’s Resol... Read More >>

Rodrigo Alves undergoes 70th surgery to become a ‘pop icon’ with ‘sexy cat eyes’ and a smaller chin ready for Eurovision debut

 Rodrigo Alves has undergone his 70th surgery to become a ‘pop icon’ with ‘sexy cat eye... Read More >>

The mane attraction! This real-life Rapunzel hasn’t had a haircut in 28 years – and now boasts locks more than 6ft long

 This real-life Rapunzel hasn't had a haircut for 28 years - and now boasts an impressive m... Read More >>

Stunning blonde conservationist becomes mum to dozens of orphaned baboons and monkeys

 A young conservationist has become a stand-in mum for dozens of orphaned baboons, monkeys and primates. Baye Pigors, 27, set up the Free to be Wild sanctuary in Zimbabwe in 2014 after caring for an o... Read More >>

Mum-of-three celebrates cellulite and shows off stretchmarks in revealing posts to empower women and shatter the Instagram illusion

 A mum-of-three is celebrating her cellulite and showing-off stretchmarks in revealing posts to empower women and shatter the Instagram illusion. Sarah Nicole Landry, 34, from Ontario, Canada, hopes t... Read More >>

Japanese artist makes stunning chocolate portraits using only her fingers

 A Japanese artist has become an online sensation for her amazing ability to turn melted chocolate into spectacular portraits using only fingers. Norico Shioguchi, 31, makes incredible portraits for w... Read More >>

Better late than never! Message in a bottle returned to sender almost two decades after she dropped it into ocean

A woman who dropped a message in a bottle into the ocean as a youngster has been reunited with it almost 20 years later. While on a family day out in Rhyl, North Wales, nearly two decades ago in 2001, the... Read More >>

UK’s oldest barbie finally meets her Ken after five years of searching

A mother-of-one who is the UK’s oldest Barbie has finally found her Ken – after five years of searching.  Rachel Evans, 48, spent the last five years searching for her perfect Ken but always found ... Read More >>

Holiday from hell – mum-of-two ‘squashed by obese woman’ on water-slide survives horrific injuries

A mum-of-two claims she narrowly avoided DEATH on holiday after being 'squashed by an obese woman' on a water-slide. Jemma Joslyn, 32, paid £2,700 for an all-inclusive two-week holiday at Liberty Lykia H... Read More >>

Couple transform 100-year-old boat into impressive eco-friendly home – and it only costs £20 per month to run 

A creative couple have spent three years renovating a 100-year-old boat into an impressive eco-friendly home - and it only costs £20 per month to run.  Gina Dutton, 45, and her husband, John, 60, spend ... Read More >>

Shocking footage reveals sad truth behind monkey mask exhibitions

 Shocking footage shows monkeys being forced to wear costumes, walk on stilts and ride miniature motorcycles to entertain passers-by. Reporter Sutanta Aditya visited the streets of Medan, Indonesia, l... Read More >>

Eight year old is UK’s youngest karate black belt – and thanks his mum for super success 

An eight-year-old who is currently the UK's youngest black belt has thanked his mum for his super success.  Dedicated Mayon Jayawickrama holds the title for the youngest black belt in the Karate Union ... Read More >>

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