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Age-defying Mum Who Gets Mistaken As Daughter’s Sister Shares Skincare Secrets

 A stunning mum who looks half her age and always gets mistaken for being her daughter’s SISTER has shared her incredible age-defying skincare secrets. With her glowing skin, bright eyes and radiant smile, it is no surprise that mum-of-three Abigail O’Neill often gets mistaken as being a sister to her children Charlotte, 25, Rory, 23, and Ryan, 20, instead of their mother. The 44-year-old from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, appears to have discovered the elixir of youth – but Abigail said it all comes down to having a completely natural and organic... Read More >>

Baby Whose Intestines Formed Outside And Risked Fatal Rupture Set To Celebrate First Birthday

 A baby whose intestines formed outside her body and risked suffering a fatal tear is set to c... Read More >>

Teenager With Large Tumour That People Confuse For Having Wisdom Teeth Out And Called Her ‘blowfish’ Learns To Love Her Facial Difference

 A teenager learns to love the large facial tumour that people confuse for having wisdom teeth... Read More >>

Green Eggs And Spaniel! Married Couple Set Up Business Selling Fine Dining Dishes For Dogs – And Test The Food Themselves

This married couple set up a business selling fine dining dishes for dogs – and are so convinced... Read More >>

Mum Detects Toddler’s Eye Cancer After Detecting Bizarre White Spot On Photograph

 A lifesaving mum has detected her toddler's eye cancer after spotting a bizarre white spot... Read More >>

Mum Misdiagnosed With Postnatal Depression For Two Years Instead Of Cancer Is Finally Given All Clear

 A mum who claims she was misdiagnosed with postnatal depression instead of cancer for THREE YEARS after struggling with low mood and bloating is celebrating being cancer free. Claire Thompson, 38, be... Read More >>

Guns And Hoses! Performer Transforms Guns, Boots, Hockey Sticks, Suitcases And More Into Incredible Musical Instruments

 Meet the performer who transforms guns, boots, hockey sticks, suitcases, coat hangers and more into musical instruments. Ken Butler, 70, from Brooklyn, New York, has made over 400 of the unusual crea... Read More >>

 Young Professional Told To Cover Up On Flight Over ‘Inappropriate’ Bralet Top Slams Airline For Sexism – And Calls For Visible Dress Codes At Point Of Booking

 A young professional who was nearly kicked off an airline flight over an ‘inappropriate’ crop top has slammed the airline for sexism – and called for there to be visible dress codes when passeng... Read More >>

Daily Grind: Amputee Skateboarder With No Legs Performs Insane Flips And Tricks – Without Wearing Prosthetics

 An amputee skateboarder with no legs performs insane flips and tricks without wearing any prosthetics. After learning to skate while wearing his prosthetic legs, Vinicios Sardi, 23, quickly realised ... Read More >>

Serial sperm donor who calls himself a ‘modern day Jesus’ only has sex when donating

 A serial sperm donor who calls himself a ‘modern day Jesus’ claims he only has sex when donating - and never for pleasure. Over the past five years Kyle Gordy has fathered 18 children and current... Read More >>

Joust-ess with the mostess! Medieval-mad mum hires castle for Middle Ages-themed 50th birthday party

 This medieval-mad mum turned joust-ess with the most-ess and hired a castle for her £1,500 Middle Ages-themed 50th birthday party. Professional magician Jayne Townley previously turned her house int... Read More >>

Meet the pole on a pole! 28yo who fled native Poland over homophobic attacks now teaches pole dancing to dozens of men  

 Meet the Pole on a pole – a 28-year-old who fled his native Poland over the fear of homophobic attacks and now teaches pole-dancing to dozens of men. Instructor Damian Kutryb started pole dancing i... Read More >>

Transgender man who gave birth to baby boy reveals what pregnant life was like

 A transgender man who gave birth to a baby boy has revealed the emotional turmoil he went through while being pregnant. After finding out he was pregnant on February 8 2018, Wyley Simpson, 28, was le... Read More >>

‘I was born wrong’: Nine-year-old who decided she wanted to be a girl aged seven now living as female full time

 A nine-year-old who decided she wanted to be a girl aged seven is now living as a female full time – after telling her parents she was born in the wrong body. Autumn Norris, formerly known as An... Read More >>

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