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Couple Quit Jobs, Sell Possessions And Live In A Van

A creative couple have sold all their possessions, quit their jobs and moved into a converted van. Brigette Roper, 30, and her boyfriend Theo Gove-Humphries, 30, bought a plot of land in Portugal where they now live with cat Ginjey Bear. The van – which is a Mercedes Sprinter – has halved their monthly outgoings as they no longer pay rent nor electricity as they have solar panels. Former animal nursing assistant Brigette said: “It’s been five years since we lived in a house, so it feels like a distant memory. “The biggest change is not having everything ... Read More >>

Mum’s Holiday Hell After Baby Girl Nearly Killed By Rare Meningitis During Dream Thailand Trip

 A traumatised mum has revealed her holiday from hell after her baby girl nearly died from men... Read More >>

 Two Brothers Branded Goldilocks For 29 Inch Hair Finally Get Mop Chop For First Time In 12 Years 

 Two brothers branded Goldilocks for their waist-length hair have finally had their hair cut f... Read More >>

Mum-of-two Thanks Pregnancy For Saving Her Life After Doctors Detect Deadly Tumour – Now She’s Finally Cancer Free 

 A mum-of-two is finally celebrating being officially cancer-free - after her unborn daughter ... Read More >>

Nursing Student With Deadly Birthmark Confused For Acid Attack Defies Bullies Who Think She’s Contagious And Should Stay Inside

 A nursing student with a deadly birthmark that was confused for an acid attack defies the bul... Read More >>

Mum And Dad Of Boy Who Looks Constantly Red Raw Say They Have To Give Cards Out To Explain What’s Wrong With His Condition

 The parents of a 10-year-old boy with a rare skin disorder have been forced to carry cards explaining their son's condition - after rude strangers left him distraught after staring at him in the stree... Read More >>

Obese Woman Left Wheelchair Bound After Weight Crippled Joints Can Now Walk Again After Dropping Five Stone

An obese woman who was left wheelchair-bound after her weight crippled her joints can now walk again after dropping five stone. Casey Vearncombe, 42, was left unable to walk after her 18 stone frame cause... Read More >>

World’s Fattest Boy: 10 Year Old Weighing 31 Stone To Undergo Bariatric Surgery In Bid To Save His Life

 A 10-year-old boy who weighs 31 stone - and is the fattest child in the world - is to undergo weight loss surgery in a bid to save his life. Mohammed Abrar, from Pakistan, struggles to stand after re... Read More >>

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Mum Bullied For ‘Dalmatian Skin’ Becomes Model After Being Scouted Online

A mum who was branded a 'Dalmatian' after being diagnosed with a rare skin condition has become a model after being scouted online. Cheryl Shaw, 33, has spent her entire life being taunted for her skin ... Read More >>

Super Slimmer Who Lost 10 Stone Asking Strangers To Pay £12,000 To Get Rid Of Excess Skin To Give Her Body Of Her Dreams

 A woman who lost over half her body weight is asking strangers to pay £12,000 to get rid of her excess skin to finally give her the body of her dreams. Steph O'Shea, 27, was almost 21 stone at her h... Read More >>

Toytanic! Pensioner Spends Three Years Building Epic Model Of Doomed Ocean Liner Using Nothing But Meccano

 A Meccano-mad pensioner has spent three years painstakingly building a three stone model of the Titanic – using 2,000 individual pieces. Grandad-of-two Bill Gardiner, 85, has been making Meccano... Read More >>

Mum-of-four Becomes Triple Amputee After Dog Bite Left Her Battling Deadly Sepsis

 A mother-of-four who became a triple amputee after her dog bit her has opened up about how she is learning to live life since the incident. Dog lover Christine Caron, who was 49 at the time, was play... Read More >>

Real Life Little Miss Sunshine! British Woman Wears Nothing But Yellow And Fills House With Only Yellow Items

 A British woman covers herself in head to toe yellow clothes and buys only items in the same bright hue. Real life Little Miss Sunshine Ella London, who is from Coventry but lives in Los Angeles, has... Read More >>

He’s No Slowpoke! Gaming Fanatic Walks 6,200 Miles Playing Pokemon Go – Even Enjoying Game On Honeymoon

A gaming fanatic has walked more than 6,200 miles playing Pokémon Go– even playing the game on his honeymoon. Addict Thomas Young, 37, started playing the popular game when it first came out three year... Read More >>

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