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“My Car Crash Saved My Life” – Mum Discovers Brain Tumour After Bump In Car

A mum is thanking her car crash for saving her life after it helped detect a deadly golf ball-sized brain tumour. Elaine Lee-Tubby, 47, from Buckfastleigh, Devon, was taken to hospital with suspected soft tissue damage to her skull following her car accident last January. Doctors assumed the mum-of-four had suffered a brain injury after she began suffering from severe headaches and was quickly referred for an emergency MRI scan after her crash. But Elaine was left shocked when she was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour that had been growing for a number of years... Read More >>

Big-tongued Toddler Has Life Changing Surgery To Help Him Eat, Talk And Breathe

 A big-tongued toddler has undergone life changing surgery to help him to eat, talk and breath... Read More >>

Bring It On! Teenage Cheerleader Who Survived Two Strokes Before The Age Of 20 Has Become National Champion

 A teenage cheerleader who survived two strokes before the age of 20 – after doctors told he... Read More >>

Mum Plagued By Ever-growing Boobs Says She’s Now Housebound Due To Gigantic Size

A mum with ever-growing boobs says her life has been "ruined" by the size of her breasts - and say... Read More >>

Teenager Can’t Wait To Marry Best Friend’s Mum Who Is Two Decades Older Than Him – Proposing Hundreds Of Times, Nearly Every Day

 A teenager can’t wait to marry his best friend’s mother who is two decades older than him... Read More >>

Stunning Make-up Artist Looks Unrecognisable After Transitioning From Male To Female

A stunning make-up artist looks unrecognisable after transforming from male to female. Brana Alunan, 20, has been transitioning from male to female since December last year [2018]. Formally known as Br... Read More >>

Mtfhe Ain’t Tyred Yet! ‘Godfather Of BMX’, 72, Gives Kids Ride Around As He’s Named Britain’s Oldest BMX Rider

 Meet the septuagenarian grandad who is still giving kids the ride around – to be crowned Britain’s oldest BMXer. At 72, biker Paul Mounsey has found a new lease of life after taking up the sport ... Read More >>

Medical Student Spends Up To Eight Hours Transforming Face Into ‘nerdy’ Characters – From Super Mario To Venom, Harry Potter And More

 Medical student who spends up to eight hours transforming her face into amazing ‘nerdy’ characters. Laura Pennington, 23, from Cocoa Beach, Florida, started using her body as the canvas for her w... Read More >>

Parents Launch £30k Surgery Appeal For Son Left Disabled After Beating Meningitis Four Times – So He Can Learn To Walk Before Starting School

 The parents of a one-year-old left disabled after beating meningitis four times have launched a desperate £30k surgery appeal – so he can learn to walk before starting school. Little Luca Johnson ... Read More >>

Age-defying Mum Who Gets Mistaken As Daughter’s Sister Shares Skincare Secrets

 A stunning mum who looks half her age and always gets mistaken for being her daughter’s SISTER has shared her incredible age-defying skincare secrets. With her glowing skin, bright eyes and radiant... Read More >>

Baby Whose Intestines Formed Outside And Risked Fatal Rupture Set To Celebrate First Birthday

 A baby whose intestines formed outside her body and risked suffering a fatal tear is set to celebrate her first birthday healthy. Lily-Rae Lawrence, from Sheffield, had her first operation at four-h... Read More >>

Teenager With Large Tumour That People Confuse For Having Wisdom Teeth Out And Called Her ‘blowfish’ Learns To Love Her Facial Difference

 A teenager learns to love the large facial tumour that people confuse for having wisdom teeth out and have called her 'blowfish'. Phoebe McIndoe, 18, from Perth, Australia, has cystic hygroma which c... Read More >>

Green Eggs And Spaniel! Married Couple Set Up Business Selling Fine Dining Dishes For Dogs – And Test The Food Themselves

This married couple set up a business selling fine dining dishes for dogs – and are so convinced of the quality of the food, they test it THEMSELVES. Husband and wife duo Alex and Charlie Thurstan, from... Read More >>

Mum Detects Toddler’s Eye Cancer After Detecting Bizarre White Spot On Photograph

 A lifesaving mum has detected her toddler's eye cancer after spotting a bizarre white spot on his photograph. Emily Smith, 23, from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, took a close-up photo of her son, Ja... Read More >>

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