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A rescue cat has transformed into a glamour puss thanks to her personalised designer wardrobe

From rags to riches – a rescue cat has transformed into a glamour puss thanks to her personalised wardrobe.

Princess Vega Nena in one of her outfits

Princess Vega Nena in one of her outfits


Princess Vega Nena, a five year old tabby, was rescued by owner Francisco Vega, 34, five years ago from a dustbin after she was born.

The painter, from Georgia, US, started creating jewellery and clothing for the tabby soon after he adopted in 2011.

He claims that Princess loves to be dressed in clothes all the time because she was so used to wrapping the cat in towels as a kitten.

The cat has an impressive collection of handbags, wigs, fancy dress costumes, dresses, and jewellery, with an estimated value of £2500.

Francisco said: “I rescued Princess after I heard her crying from a dustbin, it is thought she was dumped immediately after birth from her previous owners.

“I took her to the vets and they said I could have her, after rescuing Princess I couldn’t imagine someone else apart from me being her owner.

“My 14 year old niece gave me the idea to set up social media pages for my cat, and I try to post at least something on them every day.

“One of my friends is a professional at designing clothes and I asked if she could create something for Princess.

The stylish wardrobe

The stylish wardrobe


“I set up a Facebook page for Princess and it immediately started getting a lot of attention, I don’t think it’s very common that a cat like her dresses as great as she does.

“She has her own wardrobe full of clothes and bags which she loves posing to the camera for.

“Other cats would be reluctant to wear the clothes but Princess seems to really like it, I think it’s because I wrapped her in towels loads as a kitten.”

Francisco rescued Princess immediately after birth and he was heartbroken to see her so distressed.

He said: “I’ve never seen anything like it, she was wet, crying, and tiny which made me think that she must have been born and then chucked in the trash straight away.

“I don’t know how anyone can do this to a helpless kitten and I decided from that moment that I needed to take care of her.”

Francisco decided to add ‘Vega’ to Princess’s name because it means ‘small female’ in Spanish, and he felt that Princess was the obvious first name for a glamorous cat.

He takes Princess for frequent rides in his car and insists that she now enjoys posing up for photos.

Princess Vega Nena as a kitten

Princess Vega Nena as a kitten


He said: “Princess makes a certain pose whenever I get my camera out which makes me know that she has some idea of what’s happening.

“Her clothes range from dresses to hats, wigs, and even a hand bag.

“She has a Princess collar so that everyone can see how special she is when she’s out.

“She has never been reluctant to try any kinds of clothing that we pose her up with, as she actually loves to be dressed.

“My friends are fascinated at the amount of clothes she has and since we set up social media pages she’s become a bit of a sensation.

“We have celebrated her birthdays with cakes and balloons and we will be celebrating other special occasions in the future.

“I go shopping to buy things for Princess and people who know us often send presents through the post.

“She’s a very active cat and she comes with me to places such as the pet store which she loves.

Princess Vega Nena at a few months old

Princess Vega Nena at a few months old


“I think more people should rescue animals and treat them with a lot of love and care.”


65 handmade dresses – between £30 each

10 pairs sunglasses – £2-£5 each

Five hats – £5 each

Four wigs – £5 each

Two handbags – including one Chanel – £20 each

Fancy dress costumes x 5 including; Elsa from Frozen and a witches costume – £15 each


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