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Self-proclaimed ‘blood witch’ uses period menstruation to give herself a facial

A self-proclaimed ‘blood witch’ has vowed to break down the stigma surrounding periods – by giving herself a facial using her menstruation.

Former hairdresser Yazmina Jade, 26, this week collected the blood from her time of the month and painted it onto her face in a ‘sacred ritual.’

PIC FROM Yazmina Jade / Caters News

Now, the feminine healer, based in the Gold Coast, Australia, has released footage of her ceremony in a quest to prove the menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of.

And she’s hitting back at haters who have accused her of being ‘sick’ and ‘mental’ on social media – claiming she has never felt better than after her defiant menstrual show.

Yazmina said: “This was a sacred ritual to reconnect with my body. As women, we’re deeply disconnected with ourbodies because of societal shame.

“I decided to place the blood all over my face, and taste it to reclaim that part of myself. I could truly embody all that I was.

“Through the ritual of painting it on my face, it deepened my bond with my body. I felt this overwhelming love with myself I have never experienced before.”

Yazmina believes menstrual cycles are mired in shame and confusion in the modern day and are still widely considered to be secret ‘women’s business’.

PIC FROM Yazmina Jade / Caters News

By thrusting her facial into the public eye, she wants women to know they don’t have to manage their periods privately and discretely.

Moreover, she believes there are unharnessed powers in the natural cycle – and believes it can even be a time of the month when magic happens.

She admits there has been some critics, with some trolls on social media telling her, ‘you’re sick,’ ‘you need a mental institution,’ and ‘why would you put that on your face.”

But she said these are equaled in force by supporters, who have told her, ‘this is incredible, this is just what we need’, and she has some strong words for those who stand in opposition.

Yazmina said: “There is too much taboo surrounding this natural cycle. By showing this publicly, I think it shows that it’s actually ok to feel connected to it.

“Honouring all of oneself is where true power lies, so when you start to realise it’s not so taboo, that’s when you experience what life is about.

Yazmina Jade / Caters News

“I am definitely inviting women to explore their own ways with the power of blood. It holds a powerful energy and history with magic and spellcasting.

“This is about reclaiming that power. It’s about connecting with your whole being and exploring all of ourselves.

“The blood is an honouring of that. It’s a very creative energy, but it’s also a life-fore. If we didn’t bleed, there would be no life!”

Yazmina said her spiritual awakening came about after she became a ‘nervous wreck’ while running her own hairdressing business in Melbourne.

PIC FROM Yazmina Jade / Caters News

After moving to Queensland, she was welcomed into the world of healing, and began running workshops to help other women ‘reclaim the divine feminine’.

She said: “I’ve done a complete 180, I wake up every day with joy. I’m finally part of a community that understand me and embrace me for all that I am.

“That’s why I have started helping other women reclaim the divine feminine.”

Yazmina’s next two-day workshop on the 3rd-4th of February in a Gold Coast venue to be announced.

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