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A snake mad couple have transformed their living room into a reptile paradise

A snake mad couple have transformed their living room into a reptile paradise – but their mad obsession has meant their pals are too scared to come round anymore.

Lewis and Sam holding four of their snakes

Lewis and Sam holding four of their snakes


Lewis Weightman, 28, from Bulkington, Warwickshire and his partner, Sam Gorman, 23, began collecting snakes six years ago and now have dozens of them caged in their lounge – they include 12 foot long boa constrictors and pythons.

The deadly snakes have run of the house – and Lewis and Sam go about their daily household tasks with the animals draped around their bodies – with Sam even doing the washing up with a Boa Constrictor draped around her shoulders.

The couple even have an entire fridge full of mice and rats to feed their snakes in their kitchen.

The snake breeders even claim some of their friends are too frightened to visit their home in case some of the snakes escape.

With their snake and lizard collection increasing every year, the couple say they will probably never live without reptiles.

Lewis breeds his prized snakes as a living and is an expert in caring for them.

The living room

The living room


Lewis said: “I have around 40 snakes in my living room and some of them are over 12 foot long, and they can weigh up to 12 stone.

“I grew up with big snakes and have always had a fascination with them ever since I was a kid.

“None of the ones I’ve kept are venomous but I’ve probably been bitten a few hundred times over the years.

“Some of my friends won’t even visit us at home, with others being intrigued by my huge collection of snakes.

“We have an entire fridge full of snake food, including mice and rats, then a small cupboard full of soup for me and Sam.

“I have six or seven different types of pythons as well as boa constrictors which are all spread around the living room.

“They are all shapes and sizes, I have a 15 foot Albino Burmese Python which probably weighs about 12 stone.

Lewis loves keeping a house full of reptiles

Lewis loves keeping a house full of reptiles


“I own snakes of all kinds of value ranging from £100 up to £1000 and more.

“They are all different ages as well, I still have one which I bought six years ago.”

Lewis, who still uses his living room as if the reptiles weren’t there, claims he can’t imagine his life without his snakes.

He said: “I’ve had snakes for years now and I will probably never live without them again.

“I love feeding all of the small snakes weekly and the big ones fortnightly, unless of course they’re shedding their skin.

“I don’t have any poisonous snakes because they’re usually smaller and uglier, whereas a lot of large pythons that I have are as soft as anything.

“Me and Sam still eat in the living room and we have two televisions, as well as an Xbox in there.

“I like to let my snakes outside whenever I can but the garden fence has recently broken so we’ve been restricted hugely.

Lewis and Sam with more of the smaller snakes

Lewis and Sam with more of the smaller snakes


“I also have a cat and a dog which is interesting when having these snakes in the living room.

“Once my cat jumped into a snake enclosure but fortunately I was very quick enough to pull him out.

“I feel like I’m aware of how snakes think now after spending so much time with them, and I know when a snake doesn’t like a friend who is holding it and wants to be around me again.”

Lewis stated how he travels all over the country to pick up snakes and sees his breeding as a full time job.

He said: “I drive all over to pick them up and I’m going to be getting some snakes coming in from America which I’m very excited about.

“I’m a member of numerous snake groups, and help to sell and buy the reptiles online as well.”

Lewis’ partner, Sam, also collects reptiles in the same house, such as ball pythons and leopard geckos.

Lewis with a frozen mice ready to feed one of his snakes

Lewis with a frozen mice ready to feed one of his snakes


She said: “I thought it was really cool that Lewis collected snakes when we first met four years ago, and it was one of the reasons why I grew attached to him.

“I used to be scared of the big snakes and I didn’t like looking at them, but then Lewis placed them on me which made me realise how harmless they actually are.

“We walk around the house every day with the snakes around our shoulders and we let them roam around different rooms.

“Me and Lewis help each other out when feeding the snakes and I assist in cleaning them all, the teamwork is a lot of fun.”

Five reticulated pythons
Four carpet pythons
Seven royal pythons
23 Burmese pythons
Two boa constrictors
11 leopard geckos
One savannah monitor

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