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Sour faced puss finally finds new home despite being hairless

A sour faced puss has finally found a loving new home – despite being hairless from the neck down.

Hodor with Lucy

Hodor with Lucy


The grumpy looking moggy named Hodor was abandoned after he was struck down with a severe case of ringworm.

Vets were left with no other option but to shave the Persian cat’s fur, leaving Hodor looking like a ‘grumpy old man.’

After seeing an online appeal, Lucy Ware, 23, from Redditch, Worcs, couldn’t resist Hodor’s gloomy face and went straight to pick him up from the shelter.

Despite being terrified of humans, Lucy, who now lives in Malaga, says he’s come on in leaps and bounds after finally being shown some love and affection.

Lucy, a trainee English teacher said: “When I first saw a photo of Hodor online my heart melted.

“He looked like a grumpy old man with big sad eyes, he didn’t have any fur either and I could tell he’d been through a lot.

“I knew other people were less likely to take him in too because he looked so different, but that didn’t matter to me.

“I soon found out that his old owners were breeders who just abandoned him when he diagnosed with a severe case of ringworm.

“It makes me so sad to know a pet can be discarded because of something like that.

“I got in touch with the shelter straight away and couldn’t wait to pick him up.

Hodor is happy now he has a loving owner and home

Hodor is happy now he has a loving owner and home


“He was really skittish at first but now he loves people again and having fuss like other cats.

“His hair is quickly growing back which is great, although it wouldn’t matter if he was completely bald, I’d still love him.”

After becoming infected with the skin infection, Hodor’s previous owners refused to pay for the treatment he desperately needed.

Lucy believes Hodor was never allowed outside either and was concerned after finding a large scar on his tail.

Lucy adds: “I’m not sure how Hodor was treated before I had him, all I know was he had a scar on his tail and he was terrified of everyone and everything, especially men.

“By the way he acted as well I think he was permanently kept indoors, going outside was completely alien to him.

“He still has patchy skin due to the ringworm but a lot of it has dried up in the space of a week or so, he’s much happier and much less itchy.

“His fur is already growing back and he has another five weeks of treatment which is difficult but great for him.

“If you’ve ever tried to give a cat oral medicine it’s like drawing blood from a stone, it’s almost impossible.

“When he arrived I did some research and the majority of places said his hair would take around six months to grow back fully.

“It’s been under a month and it’s already grown back an inch, at this rate he should be back to normal in about four months which is amazing.”

Lucy and Hodor are inseperable

Lucy and Hodor are inseperable


Lucy has a huge love of cats and does not believe in buying them, due to so many at shelters that need help.

She said: “I personally don’t believe in the buying of animals, there are so many furry friends out there that need homes, even if they aren’t a perfect breed.

“I’m a little bit of a crazy cat woman, I have a piece of artwork in my bedroom that says ‘A house without a cat is not a home’.

“I try to dedicate my time to getting Hodor back on his feet again as having a poorly cat can be a lot of hassle.

“He has some strange habits, his face is so flat that he doesn’t like putting his whole head in a bowl of cat biscuits so he’ll take a mouthful, spit them on the floor then eat them off the tiles.

“I named him Hodor after the Game of Thrones character, he is so sweet and gentle natured, but he’s been through a lot too.

“He’s so happy in his new home and his personality shows more and more each day.”

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