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Spectacular moment volcano erupts and spits massive bubbles of mud in Azerbaijan


This is the incredible moment a tiny volcano erupts with a huge splash of mud.

Turkish travel addict Murat Özbilgi filmed the spectacular scene while on a visit to the mud volcano in Gobustan, Azerbaijan, in October this year. 

His footage shows the repeated formation of huge bubbles from the volcano’s crater before exploding and spitting massive splash of mud several meters high into the air.  

The country boasts of 400 of the world’s estimated 1,500 mud volcanoes. 

Murat said: “Mud volcanoes make tiny eruptions constantly.

“They are formed when underground gases come to surface taking some of the underground water and mixing with minerals.”

While the volcanoes look tiny and harmless, these could be dangerous at times. 

In early September this year, a mud volcano erupted in Azerbaijan, sending plumes of black smoke and flames up to 980ft into the sky.

Murat said: “In 2001, one mud volcano in the region erupted sending flames up to 15-metres high into the air and scared everyone.”

There are 1,400 to 1,500 mud volcanoes on Earth and more than 45 percent of all mud volcanoes are concentrated on the territory of Azerbaijan. 

These volcanoes – also known as sedimentary volcanoes- are formed in the places where pockets of underground gases find a weak spot in the earth and force its way to the surface. 

They are different to igneous volcanoes as instead of lava, the earth spits out mud.

The mud volcanoes are located far from populated areas and most of them are under protection.

In Azerbaijan, it is strictly forbidden for people to enter the volcano area without special permission and if this rule is breached, intruders can be slapped with a fine of up to £250 for individuals and £1,800 for officials.  

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