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Sporty mum paralysed during routine surgery goes abseiling in her wheelchair with her son!

By Hayley Pugh

Pic from Ben Von Wong/Caters News 

A This sporty mum who was paralysed during a routine back operation has been pictured abseiling in her wheelchair with her little boy.

Sarah-Jane Staszak had her world turned upside down when she woke up from an operation, to stop pain caused by a herniated disc, unable to move.

The 43-year-old, who worked as an outdoor education instructor, was left quadriplegic following the surgery in 2013 but refused to give up her adventure-junkie lifestyle and was recently offered an abseiling experience with her son, Hamish by the heART Project, in Australia’s Blue Mountains

Pic from Karen Alsop/Caters News 

The incredible experience was captured in these stunning images by professional photographers, Benjamin Von Wong and Karen Alsop from Story Art – founder of the heART Project.

The pair captured the inspiring moment and also created series of other scenes using a studio shoot to show Hamish and Sarah Jane battling the elements.

Sarah Jane said: “I feel very special. Hamish and I loved our experience on the shoot.

Pic from Karen Alsop/Caters News 

“It was a new opportunity for both of us to be involved in such a fascinating art project and to work with such inspiring artists.

“When I saw the finished product I felt incredibly impressed by the passion and talent of both of these artists.

“I felt very special and privileged to have these amazing masterpieces created for me and my boy.”

Pic from Karen Alsop/Caters News 

Karen added: “I just couldn’t imagine waking up one day and being unable to walk, let alone even hold my children.

“What Sarah Jane went through, the shock, the sadness, breaks my heart but her perseverance through it all is inspiring .

“I wanted to capture that love between her and Hamish… that love moves mountains.”

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