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Star Wars fanatic dad spends £20k on collection – and has even named his kids after the iconic characters

A dad-of-two has spent £20K on Star Wars memorabilia and has even named his kids after iconic characters.

James with his collection

James with his collection


James Duke, 27, from West Virginia, USA, has been collecting Star Wars items since 2011 and now boasts over 700 figures, 150 books, 50 models – and he has no intention of stopping yet, despite his addiction filling an entire room in his home.

The funeral director even decided to name his two children after characters from the Star Wars universe, Vestra, 5, and Veila, 2.

James’s collection ranges from paintings of characters to dolls, lightsabers and special edition models – the range has been estimated at being worth over £20K.

But he insists he would never sell it as each piece has sentimental value and he loves nothing more than being surrounded by his prized possessions.

James said: “I’ve always loved Star Wars and became fascinated from an early age.

“In 1999 when the first prequel film came out I went crazy for it, I fell in love with the film as a child and it made me want to start a huge collection.

“I always had a few items but the bulk of it all has built up over the past five years.

“I started buying a few novels and after my partner, Sarah, 24, told me to put them on a shelf, one novel quickly became 100.

“Thankfully she loves Star Wars too and loved the idea of naming our kids after the Jedi’s, I think they’ll find it pretty cool when they’re older.

Various figures from James' Star Wars collection

Various figures from James’ Star Wars collection


“I began writing a running log of everything I own, my collection has started getting too big for the house.

“I’ve got everything from a big Chewbacca mug, which is limited edition, to toys of almost every character.

“I even have models of the Millennium Falcon.”

James’s partner, Sarah, is also a big Star Wars fan and she attends frequent conventions and nights out at the cinema to see the films.

The couple have taken their kids to numerous Star Wars conventions and have met different actors from the franchise.

James said: “I’ve met the actors who voiced and played Darth Vader in the original trilogy, as well as meeting the actor who plays Darth Maul as well.

“Vestra loves cosplay and being able to dress up and Veila knows when we come home she will have some new toys coming her way.

“Me and Vestra often venture out into the garden at night for lightsaber fights.

“As a family we try to go to at least one convention a year and everyone in the house goes hunting with me for merchandise.

More figures from the collection

More figures from the collection


“People love my collection and I have met loads of friends over the past few years who share a similar passion for Star Wars.”

James is planning to move house within the next few years and with his collection being so big, he is already preplanning for a larger Star Wars room.

He said: “My collection is getting so big that I need to plan a huge room in a new house for it all.

“I get more and more gear every week and we have Star Wars clothes as well.

“I have some extremely rare memorabilia such as autographs from some of the actors, including from the man who plays C3PO.”

James suggested how he plans to keep his collection for the long term and eventually pass it on to children.

He said: “I’ve decided in the long run I’m going to leave my collection for my kids.

“I’ve only ever sold four or five figures myself but I think that it’s a good idea to give my kids the option of whether they want to keep or sell it all.”


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